Renee Walker 24 Season 7 Scenes

Jack Bauer chokes Renee Walker at FBI - 24 Season 7 Episode 3 1:25

Jack Bauer Chokes Out Renee Walker

Jack Bauer gives Renee Walker his sleeper hold and then hogties her with a phone cord in order to break Tony Almeida out of FBI headquarters.

Renee Walker Captured 3:20

Renee Walker Captured by Litvak

Litvak finds Renee Walker and turns her over to his boss, David Emerson. Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida (secretly undercover) both tell Emerson not to kill her.

Renee Walker van - 24 Season 7 Episode 6 0:31

What Do You Think, Jack?

Jack Bauer asks Renee Walker if she’s okay to which she responds: “What do you think, Jack? You shot me and buried me alive.”

Renee Walker Hospital Scene 24 Season 7 Episode 10 0:45

That’s all that matters, right Jack?

A police officer gives Marisa Donoso’s belongings to Renee Walker. Jack Bauer tells Renee that they did what was necessary and she needs to learn to live with it.

Renee Walker Questions Alan Wilson in the 24 Season 7 finale 1:28

Renee Walker Questions Alan Wilson

Renee Walker attempts to get to the bottom of the conspiracy by questioning Alan Wilson. Wilson denies any involvement and Renee grabs him by his shirt.