That’s all that matters, right Jack?

February 23rd, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 10

A police officer gives Marisa Donoso’s belongings to Renee Walker. Jack Bauer tells Renee that they did what was necessary and she needs to learn to live with it.


Officer: These are Marika Donoso’s personal effects.
Renee Walker: Thank you.
Jack Bauer: Copy that. And get back to me. (walks over to Renee) That was Larry, they got the drive. Chloe’s gonna be working on them. They should have something in the next few minutes.
Renee Walker: That’s all that matters, right, Jack?
Jack Bauer: I don’t like what happened to Marika any more than you do. We did what was necessary. You better figure out a way to live with it.
Renee Walker: How, Jack? Pretend that it never happened? Is it that easy for you?
Jack Bauer: I’ll let you know when Chloe’s got something. (walks away)