Renee Walker 24 Season 8 Scenes

Renee Walker Returns - CTU NY 1:37

Renee Walker Arrives

Renee Walker’s first scene in 24 Season 8. She arrives with a special helicopter escort to CTU New York and catches up with her old friend Chloe O’Brian again.

Renee Walker cuts Ziya's thumb off 4:49

Renee Walker Cuts Thumb

Renee Walker cuts off Ziya Dakhilov’s thumb with a circular saw, shocking even Jack Bauer. Who needs a hacksaw when you’ve got a power saw?

Renee Walker with Vladimir Laitanan 5:59

Cut the Bread Nice and Thick

Jack Bauer tries to pull Renee Walker out of the undercover mission, but Renee insists on continuing until the mission is complete. Vladimir Laitanan taunts Jack Bauer with sexual innuendo. … Continue Reading