Renee Briefs CTU on Russian Mob

January 18th, 2010 24 Season 8 Episode 4

Renee Walker briefs CTU New York on Red Square (the Russian mob) and Brian Hastings asks her to go back undercover on a mission. Jack Bauer requests to be her partner.


Brian Hastings (over comm): Patty, get me the file on Renee Walker’s undercover operation.
Renee Walker: The stars mean these men were part of the criminal elite. Vor v zakone. This one spent time in a Siberian prison camp — IK-10. The number of spires means length of sentence.
Dana Walsh: Three years?
Renee Walker: Three life terms. Must have escaped. Now these, broken cross, here, here, and here. Same on all three.
Brian Hastings: So what does it mean? Brian Hastings, director of CTU. I appreciate that you came in. So what does it mean?
Renee Walker: It means you can break our arms, you can break every bone in our body, we’ll never talk. It’s supposed to be the symbol for a group called Red Square.
Brian Hastings: Supposed to be?
Renee Walker: We tried to find them and never got close. A lot of rumors that they’re ex-military, special forces, intelligence, whatever. I’m not sure they actually exist.
Brian Hastings: They exist, Ms. Walker. And we need to find them.
Renee Walker: Why?
Brian Hastings: You’re aware of the attack in Midtown today?
Renee Walker: You mean the smoking crater by the UN? Yeah, it was hard to miss.
Brian Hastings: Well, we believe it’s just the beginning and that the group responsible is in possession of unsecured nuclear materials. Now Dana asked you here today to brief on background. But I have a much bigger ask. You were undercover for nearly two years with the Russian mob. Your cover’s still intact.
Renee Walker: What are you saying exactly? Are you… are you asking me to go back in?
Brian Hastings: Dana, Chloe, would you give us a moment, please? (they exit the room) I wouldn’t be asking if it weren’t important, but yes, I want you to go back in.
Renee Walker: And this doesn’t seem in the least bit — I don’t know, ironic to you?
Brian Hastings: I know that you left the FBI under difficult circumstances.
Renee Walker: Difficult doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Brian Hastings: I can get you your badge back.
Renee Walker: I laid down my badge, Mr. Hastings. I took it from my pocket and I laid it down. So why would you possibly think that I want it back?
Brian Hastings: Well, what do you want?
Renee Walker: What do I want? Nothing. You have weapons-grade uranium in the hands of the Russian O.C. — I can do something about that. So I’ll go back in… but not for a badge.
Brian Hastings: Thank you. We brief in ten minutes.
Renee Walker: Six years ago, I was undercover with these guys. They were running an arms trafficking ring. We broke up the ring and arrested everyone except for the man in charge: Vladimir Laitanan. He’s our target. It was through him I first heard about the group Red Square. If anyone can connect us to them, it’s him.
Chloe O’Brian: Everything I’ve read about Laitanan says he disappeared without a trace. How are you going to find him?
Renee Walker: Through this guy. Ziya Dakhilov. He’s out on parole. He’ll take us to Vladimir.
Dana Walsh: The FBI offered Ziya full immunity if he gave up Vladimir. He turned it down and kept his mouth shut and did his time.
Renee Walker: I’m not FBI; I’m a former felon. Remember? I’ll be offering Ziya the deal of a lifetime. Trust me, he’ll take it. Once I’ve made contact with Vladimir, I’ll tell him that I’ve heard whispers of nuclear materials on the market. I’ll say I have a buyer for them.
Brian Hastings: Who’s that going to be? Agent Ortiz? You up for this?
Cole Ortiz: Yes, sir.
Brian Hastings: How much money are we talking about?
Renee Walker: For nuclear rods, we need to show offshore accounts of $100 million at least. Probably twice that.
Brian Hastings: Okay, I’ll get on that. Chloe will work up a backstory to cover the time after your release from prison. Now you and Agent Ortiz need to figure out where you met, how long you’ve known each other — (Jack enters room) Jack. I thought you’d left.
Jack Bauer: I’m sorry to interrupt. But could I have the room with Mr. Hastings alone, please? You, too, Renee.
Renee Walker: I think I’ll stay.
Brian Hastings: So what’s going on, Jack?
Jack Bauer: Agent Walker hasn’t been undercover for over six years. I think you’re making a mistake by putting her in.
Renee Walker: Why don’t you tell him what’s really on your mind, Jack?
Jack Bauer: I’ll tell him exactly what I told you. (to Hastings) I’m concerned about her and this operation.
Brian Hastings: So what does that mean?
Jack Bauer: She’s not ready for this. You must have other options.
Renee Walker: Mr. Hastings, no one else knows these Russians. No one else can get you as close. Unfortunately, I’m your only choice.
Brian Hastings: I appreciate your concern, Jack, but she’s right. She’s our only way in.
Jack Bauer: Fine, then I want to go with her. I assume your plan is trying to set up a competing buy? I’ll act as a buyer.
Renee Walker: That won’t be necessary. Agent Ortiz has already agreed.
Jack Bauer: He doesn’t have the experience.
Renee Walker: Then this is how he gets it.
Jack Bauer: Not with nuclear weapons on the line! Mr. Hastings, I’m officially requesting that you send me in with Agent Walker.
Brian Hastings: Jack, if you’re willing to do this, I’d be foolish to object. We’ll work up a cover for you and dovetail it with Agent Walker’s alias.
Jack Bauer: We’re going to have to work fast. The Russians are gonna want to unload the nuclear fuel rods as quickly as possible. (turns to Renee) I’m sorry.