Scene Stealer: 24’s Annie Wersching

Nice article about Annie Wersching from the April 5-11 issue of TV Guide. Thanks Patikakes/Tish for the scan.

She Plays: Former FBI agent Renee Walker, who was enlisted by a desperate CTU to help thwart a dirty-bomb attack in New York City, and who just might be crazy. “When [the writers] came to me at the beginning of the season and gave me a hint of what they were thinking, I was like, ‘OK,’ ” says Wersching, 33. “Then the first scene I shot was sawing off a guy’s thumb!”

Where You’ve Seen Her: Soap fans recognize Wersching from a 2007 stint on General Hospital, but most know her from 24. “This is close to the role of a lifetime — to be so strong, then crying in the next scene,” says the actress, who is pregnant with her first child. “And it’s fun running around with Jack Bauer.”

Why We Love Her: There’s nothing sexier than a butt-kicking, rule-breaking badass who’ll do anything — even bed a bad guy — for the greater good of the country. “Annie has managed amazingly one of the most difficult transitions any character has had to make,” says 24 showrunner and EP Howard Gordon. “But she’s kept Renee consistent by projecting a uniquely American toughness.” Annie, we salute you! — Joseph Hudak

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