Renee Walker Cuts Thumb

January 18th, 2010 24 Season 8 Episode 4

Renee Walker cuts off Ziya Dakhilov’s thumb with a circular saw, shocking even Jack Bauer. Who needs a hacksaw when you’ve got a power saw?


Renee Walker: That’s him.
Jack Bauer: Looks like he’s closing up. Okay, we’ll use these for comm so I can hear you in case you get into trouble.
Renee Walker: Okay. (exits door)
Jack Bauer: Hey. This is your last shot. You do not have to do this.
Renee Walker: I know, but I want to (Renee rings doorbell)
Ziya Dakhilov: We’re closed. What’d I say? Renee.
Renee Walker: Ziya. Nice outfit. Not a lot of men can pull off a skirt.
Ziya Dakhilov: When did you get out? I thought you were serving seven-to-ten.
Renee Walker: They let me out early. Good behavior.
Ziya Dakhilov: Good behavior. With warden?
Renee Walker: Well, eventually, yeah. But it’s like anything else, you gotta work your way up.
Ziya Dakhilov: So why you here?
Renee Walker: I’m looking for Vladimir. Got a business proposition I know he’d be interested in.
Ziya Dakhilov: What kind of business proposition?
Renee Walker: Got a buyer, something big being sold.
Ziya Dakhilov: Yeah? I don’t know. Vlad disappear.
Renee Walker: Hmm, maybe. But you can find him.
Ziya Dakhilov: Really? Why I do that?
Renee Walker: Why do you think?
Ziya Dakhilov: I don’t know.
Renee Walker: I’ll cut you in. Unless, of course, you’re making so much money here that that’s of no interest to you. See? Your greedy little eyes are saying, “So me the money,” so what’s the problem, Ziya? Parole bracelet?
Ziya Dakhilov: They know where I am 24/7. I’m like dog. I leave yard, I get shock.
Renee Walker: Well, then just help me out. Make some calls.
Ziya Dakhilov: Make calls? You know what happen I make calls asking where’s Vladimir? Tomorrow, have accident on way for work. (chuckles) No, sensitive information, done face-to-face, you know that. You’re lucky. You get out. Me, I’m still in prison.
Renee Walker: Let me see the bracelet.
Ziya Dakhilov: No.
Renee Walker: Come on.
Ziya Dakhilov: No.
Renee Walker: Let me see it, Ziya.
Ziya Dakhilov: Hmm?
Renee Walker: Ziya…
Ziya Dakhilov: What?
Renee Walker: Have I ever messed you up ever? Come on. Let’s see. I can get this off, guaranteed.
Ziya Dakhilov: You screw with this, you know what happen? Cops come running in. In two hours, I’m back inside. Parole violation.
Renee Walker: Shh…
Ziya Dakhilov: What?
Renee Walker: That’s not gonna happen, I’m telling you. I know how to get this off.
Ziya Dakhilov: How do you know?
Renee Walker: ‘Cause I’m constantly having to deal with people like you, that’s how. I can get it off if I can just hold it steady. (puts Ziya’s hand in vise)
Ziya Dakhilov: But… you can’t cut bracelet.
Renee Walker: I’m not gonna cut the bracelet. (Ziya screams as Renee slices his thumb off with a power saw)
Jack Bauer: What have you done? What the hell have you done?!
Renee Walker: Like he said, he was trapped here.
Jack Bauer: And you think he’s gonna help you now?! That’s it. This is over. This is over!
Renee Walker: Maybe for you, Jack, but I’m just getting started. Find something to cauterize that wound.
Jack Bauer: Damn it.