Jack and Renee are Smokin’

March 29th, 2010 24 Season 8 Episode 14

Jack and Renee are smokin’ !! Jack throws smoke grenades, Renee lures ’em in with the sweet sound of gunshots and Jack takes em out. Like shooting fish in a barrel.


Jack Bauer: Renee, we’re not gonna make it. Take cover. Go! Go! I’m going to head up the middle. As soon as I set these off, I want you to start firing. Doesn’t matter if you hit anything. Just make some noise. Mr. President? (throws gun to Hassan) You take care of your family. You ready?
Renee Walker: Yeah.
Jack Bauer: Let’s go. (Jack throws smoke grenade and Renee shoots)
Adrion Bishop: Mathis! Donner! Go! Move! Move! (Jack dispatches them with his pistol)
Adrion Bishop: (sending more men) Move! Move! Move!
Jack Bauer: (throws another smoke grenade and calls Renee) C’mon. I’m going to take the high ground. In about five seconds, start giving me cover fire. Okay? (Renee fires a steady stream of shots, and Jack kills the distracted mercenaries)