Cut the Bread Nice and Thick

February 8th, 2010 24 Season 8 Episode 7

Jack Bauer tries to pull Renee Walker out of the undercover mission, but Renee insists on continuing until the mission is complete. Vladimir Laitanan taunts Jack Bauer with sexual innuendo. Vlad calls Sergei Bazhaev who denies having any nuclear rods.


Jack Bauer (undercover as Ernst Meier): So this is how you do business? I wire you the $5 million like we agreed, and you try and take me out.
Vladimir Laitanan: I did not think you were for real. It was a misunderstanding, but it’s past. We are here.
Renee Walker: As an act of good faith, Vladimir has already started calling his contacts, inquiring about the nuclear materials.
Jack Bauer: I don’t care what he’s done. I want to talk to you.
Vladimir Laitanan: So talk.
Jack Bauer: (Gives Vladimir his gun) I want to talk to my partner alone. Now.
Renee Walker: Look, he’s upset, understandably. It’ll be fine. (walks over to Jack)
Lugo Elson: This is our chance. We should take him out now.
Vladimir Laitanan: No, we need him to do this deal.
Lugo Elson: Don’t risk everything for a whore.
Vladimir Laitanan: You ever talk about her like that again, I’ll kill you. You understand?
Renee Walker: What the hell are you doing?
Jack Bauer: I have authorization to pull you out.
Renee Walker: No, that’s not possible.
Jack Bauer: Renee, you’ve taken us this far, I’m going to finish it.
Renee Walker: Jack, you can’t. He doesn’t trust you, first of all. The only reason he’s agreeing to continue this is me. I’m fine, really.
Vladimir Laitanan: You want to make calls, let’s go.
Jack Bauer: You don’t have a say in this. I am pulling you out.
Renee Walker: No, look, it’s not a big deal.
Jack Bauer: I know what he did to you six years ago, and it is a big deal.
Renee Walker: Jack, if we stop this now, then everything that I have done is for nothing.
Vladimir Laitanan: We’re running out of time. Let’s go.
Renee Walker: We’re almost there, it’ll be worth it.
* Vladimir touches Renee’s booty *
Vladimir Laitanan: Are you sure, then? You haven’t heard of anyone dealing in these materials? All right. Well, thank you for your time. I’m sorry to trouble you. (hangs up) Nothing. They did not appreciate being called so late. Renee, cut me some bread.
* Vladimir gives Jack a drink *
Vladimir Laitanan: Here.
Jack Bauer: You might wanna ease up on the drinking. You’ve got some calls to make.
Vladimir Laitanan: I drink what I want. Renee, where’s the bread?
Renee Walker: Coming.
Vladimir Laitanan: Drink! (Jack takes a drink)
Vladimir Laitanan: What is this? It is too thin. (glances at Jack) It should be thick. Nice and thick. There we are. She’s changed, you know? Six years ago, she thought she was too good for me. Now, she is much more friendly. Maybe I should thank you — all that time you were together in Mexico City. Come on. I see how you look at her. Don’t tell me you didn’t –
Jack Bauer: You want to keep talking, do it on the phone. Otherwise, the nuclear materials will be gone, and this deal will be dead.
Vladimir Laitanan: Fine, but I don’t like you breathing down my neck. Lugo, get him out of here. And I’m running out of my vodka. Go get me some more.
Sergei Bazhaev: Vladimir, what do you want?
Vladimir Laitanan: Sergei Petrovich. I apologize for calling you out of the blue like this, sir. Uh, your family is well?
Sergei Bazhaev: I said, what do you want?
Vladimir Laitanan: I have a business proposition.
Sergei Bazhaev: Then call me in business time, not in the middle of the night.
Vladimir Laitanan: No, no, no, this can’t wait. I hear there are materials for sale, expensive materials, dangerous ones.
Sergei Bazhaev: Talk straight. What materials?
Vladimir Laitanan: Nuclear rods. Highly enriched uranium.
Sergei Bazhaev: So, why are you calling me?
Vladimir Laitanan: If anyone has the organization to pull off such a deal, it’s you.
Sergei Bazhaev: I’m flattered.
Vladimir Laitanan: I have a buyer here, a German. He’s willing to pay a great deal of money for them. Double any offer you have.
Sergei Bazhaev: Then he is as stupid as you are. Are you out of your mind? Nobody deals in nuclear rods, nobody.
Vladimir Laitanan: I’m sorry. A misunderstanding.
Sergei Bazhaev: Don’t call me again.
Vladimir Laitanan: He had no idea what I was talking about.
Renee Walker: All right, then we call the next person.
Vladimir Laitanan: You’re not listening. He says nobody sells these things. Nobody.
Renee Walker: You’re close to the biggest deal of your life, Vladimir. He’s just jealous that he’s not in on it.
Vladimir Laitanan: Come here, come here. (kisses Renee’s neck)
Renee Walker: Look, later. Later. Once you’ve made more calls. Come on.
Vladimir Laitanan: Okay. Okay, okay, okay.