Renee Stabs Vladimir (and Jack Bauer!)

February 8th, 2010 24 Season 8 Episode 7

Renee Walker stabs Vladimir Laitanan in the eye with a bread knife and as she’s being pulled away by Jack Bauer, she accidentally stabs him too – and that’s just the first half of this wild clip!


Vladimir Laitanan: I understand. We’ll do business some other time, okay. (hangs up) That’s it. Last one. He also knows nothing about nuclear rods. He also said it’s suicide to deal in them. Meier has wasted our time.
Renee Walker: No, look, Meier’s intel is good. So we need to think. Who else can we call?
Vladimir Laitanan: No one. I’ve called everyone who could possibly deal in these things.
Renee Walker: Then somebody that you’ve already talked to has to know something.
Vladimir Laitanan: Renee, it’s-it’s done.
Renee Walker: Look, maybe they don’t want to admit it. Maybe they don’t know how serious you are. You should call them back.
Vladimir Laitanan: I said no.
Renee Walker: Tell them that you have the buyer, tell them you have the money.
Vladimir Laitanan: Shut up! Just because I like your face doesn’t mean I have to put up with your crap. We made $5 million. A good night’s work.
Renee Walker: Why settle for five when we can have fifty?
Vladimir Laitanan: (laughs) When did you get so greedy? $5 million is plenty. Plus, we have each other, that’s not too bad, is it?
Renee Walker: Oh, it’s not bad. But it could be better. Call them again. Do it for me.
Vladimir Laitanan: I said no.
Renee Walker: Come on, Vladimir, push them harder. Somebody knows something.
Vladimir Laitanan: What is your problem? Nobody knows. There’s no one left to call! Now you go out there and you tell Meier to leave, okay?
Renee Walker: I’m not telling him anything!
Vladimir Laitanan: What?
Renee Walker: Not until you try again.
Vladimir Laitanan: Look, it’s over! What is wrong with you?!
Renee Walker: I need this deal.
Vladimir Laitanan: That is why you’re here? The deal?
Renee Walker: Why else? Do you think that I’m here for you?
Vladimir Laitanan: (Vladimir punches Renee) Get up, bitch.
* Renee Walker stabs Vladimir in the eye with a bread knife, then proceeds to stab him in the chest multiple times. *
Jack Bauer: Renee. Stop! Stop! Stop!
Renee Walker: (accidentally stabbing Jack Bauer) Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God! (gasps)
* Lugo Elson enters the room. Jack Bauer pulls the knife out of his stomach and throws it into Lugo’s neck from across the room. Jack then picks up Lugo’s gun and uses it to kill another mobster through the wall *
Jack Bauer (while hugging Renee): It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s over. It’s over. It’s okay.