Alan Wilson Tortured, Janis Cuffed

May 18th, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 24

Renee Walker prepares to torture Alan Wilson, the man behind the conspiracy. Janis Gold pleads with her to reconsider, but Renee breaks the doors keypad entry, handcuffs Janis, and enters the interrogation room.


Janis Gold: Woods is on his way to pick up Wilson. You need to sign the transfer documents. What’s wrong?
Renee Walker: Get out of here Janis.
Janis Gold: Excuse me?
Renee Walker: I said get out of here.
Janis Gold: What are you doing?
Renee Walker: Get out!
Janis Gold: No. Absolutely not. I’m staying right here until Wilson is transferred.
Renee Walker: Fine. (Renee breaks the doors keycard reader and then points her gun at Janis)
Janis Gold: What are you — Renee, what are you doing?
Renee Walker: Put your hands over your head. I said do it now, Janis! (gives Janis handcuffs) Secure your hands to that pole. Now!
Janis Gold: Okay, okay, okay. Just – just calm down, all right? Renee, please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. You’ve done your job. You arrested him. Let the courts take it from here. Stop this now, before it’s too late. Don’t throw away your career. This is absolutely insane. Larry would not have wanted this. Don’t dishonor his death like this.
(Renee Walker opens the door to Alan Wilson’s holding room. The door closes behind her as she prepares to torture Wilson.)