Renee Walker Questions Alan Wilson

May 18th, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 24

Renee Walker attempts to get to the bottom of the conspiracy by questioning Alan Wilson. Wilson denies any involvement and Renee grabs him by his shirt.


Renee Walker: A lot of people died today because of you… including someone close to me. You will be charged with treason and conspiracy to launch terrorists attacks against this country. The only way that I see you avoiding the death penalty is by cooperating. Tell me who else is involved in this conspiracy and I will make sure that your cooperation is taken into account by the grand jury.
Alan Wilson: Hmm. How can I cooperate if I have no idea what you’re talking about?
Renee Walker: That’s not gonna work, Wilson.
Alan Wilson: Whatever this conspiracy is that you think that I’m a part of… I guarantee you won’t find a shred of material evidence connecting me to it. In the eyes of the law, I’m an innocent man.
Renee Walker: (Grabbing Wilson) You son of a bitch.
Alan Wilson: Anything else you need to say, you can say to my attorneys.
FBI Agent: Ma’am, they’re almost ready to take Bauer to the hospital. You wanted a heads-up. (Renee leaves to see Jack)