Renee Goes Rogue: “I Need To Make This Right”

January 19th, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 5

Renee Walker disobeys her bosses (Larry Moss) direct orders and goes rogue, Jack Bauer style. Gotta love Larry freaking out after Renee hangs up on him. “Renee? Damn it! Oh my god…”


Erika: Tanner’s lawyers are filing a complaint against the Bureau. (Larry opens file and calls Renee Walker)
Renee Walker: (Answering cell phone) Walker.
Larry Moss: Renee, it’s me.
Renee Walker: I’m less than fifteen minutes away from Matobo’s house. When I get there, I’ll recon for the tac team.
Larry Moss: Stop a second.
Renee Walker: What?
Larry Moss: This information about Matobo being abducted. Tell me how you got it.
Renee Walker: You know how I got it. I questioned Tanner.
Larry Moss: You questioned him?
Renee Walker: Yeah.
Larry Moss: Tanner’s lawyers are saying you locked them out of his hospital room… then cut off his ventilator. They said you applied pressure to his gunshot wound.
Renee Walker: We needed Almeida’s location. Tanner was not about to cooperate.
Larry Moss: So you tortured him. What the hell were you thinking?
Renee Walker: I got the information we needed.
Larry Moss: Information that may not even be valid. You know as well as I do, coercive interrogation is unreliable.
Renee Walker: No, Tanner was not lying.
Larry Moss: You know that? How do you know he wasn’t telling you what you wanted to hear?
Renee Walker: I’ll find out when I get to Matobo’s house.
Larry Moss: You’re not going to Matobo’s. You’re coming back here to the office. The Attorney General is sending somebody here. You’re gonna tell ‘em everything that happened.
Renee Walker: What? Larry, it’s my fault that Bauer and Almeida are still at large. Please let me play this out. I will deal with the consequences after we find the C.I.P. device.
Larry Moss: No. The field team is on the way. They can handle this. Renee, get back here now.
Renee Walker: I’m sorry, Larry, but I need to make this right. (Renee hangs up the phone and shuts it off)
Larry Moss: Renee? (whispering to himself) Damn it. Oh, my god…