Jeffrey Nordling talks about undefined “intimacy” between Renee Walker and Larry Moss

The Record, a local newspaper in Bergen County, New Jersey has scored an interview with NJ native Jeffrey Nordling, and he speaks of the untold relationship between his character Larry Moss and Annie’s character, Renee Walker.

Moss, who has a big episode tonight, is what Nordling calls “the stalwart, noble type.” He represents the follow-the-law approach to counterterrorism, while Bauer is the renegade end-justifies-the-means type, with FBI Agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) falling somewhere in between.

“They gave me a lot to play with, in terms of being a foil for Jack’s point of view and having the character of Renee kind of caught in the middle,” Nordling says. “There’s kind of a special connection between Larry and Renee that was never quite defined. There’s some kind of intimacy there.”

Renee Walker and Larry Moss 24 Season 7
Renee Walker and Larry Moss in 24 Season 7 Episode 16

A couple of weeks ago — hours ago in “24” time — Moss and Walker came so close to each other that it looked like they might kiss.

“It’s funny, ’cause my wife said, ‘You’re her big brother, that’s what it is,’ ” says Nordling, who agrees that that might be wishful thinking on her part. “There’s something there that’s kind of interesting.”

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