Renee Pulls Jack Out Of Senate Hearing

January 11th, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 1

Renee Walker’s first scene in 24 – she pulls Jack Bauer out of his Senate Hearing and drives him to FBI headquarters.


(whispering) Excuse me, Senator. Agent Walker is here. (Senator Mayer motions for Renee to come to stand)
Renee Walker: Sorry for interrupting, Senator. I’m Renee Walker with the FBI. We have a subpoena for Jack Bauer. I need him remanded into my custody immediately.
Senator Blaine Mayer: I’m not surprised that anyone has a subpoena for Mr. Bauer… but right now you’re gonna have to wait your turn. He’s being questioned by the United States Senate.
Renee Walker: Sir, we need Mr. Bauer immediately. (hands over file)
Senator Blaine Mayer: (reading file) Well, apparently we’re going to have to let you go… for now. But we’re not done with you. We’ll reconvene with you tomorrow morning at the same time. Is that understood?
Jack Bauer: Yes, sir.
Senator Blaine Mayer: All right, then you go along with these agents. (cameras shuttering as Jack Bauer walks out) Well, let’s proceed. Bailiff, call the next witness.
Jack Bauer: What is this about?
Renee Walker: Mr. Bauer, I’m Special Agent Walker. This is Agent Teller. We need you to come with us to our office. It’s just down the block.
Jack Bauer: Why?
Renee Walker: You’ll be briefed when we get there.
Janis Gold: Hello?
Renee Walker: Janis, it’s me. Where’s Larry?
Janis Gold: He’s briefing Dornan’s group.
Renee Walker: Tell him I’ve got Bauer. We’re leaving the hearing now.
Janis Gold: Well that’s good, ’cause the situation’s heating up.
Renee Walker: What are you talking about?
Janis Gold: That crew we’ve been tracking? They just grabbed a man named Michael Latham.
Renee Walker: Latham. He worked on Homeland’s firewall project.
Janis Gold: He didn’t just work on it. He designed it. He’s the chief engineer of the government’s infrastructure security system.
Renee Walker: All right. I’ll be there soon.
Janis Gold: Did you get Bauer cleared through security yet?
Sean Hillinger: Not yet.
Janis Gold: Well Renee’s bringing him in, they’re only a couple minutes out.