Annie Wersching on Good Day NY Interview

May 18th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching on Good Day New York (FOX 5) from Los Angeles via satellite on May 18, 2009 to discuss the 24 Season 7 finale.


Rosanna Scotto: 24‘s Jack Bauer is usually fighting to protect the world from terrorists, but the season finale of 24 finds him fighting for his own survival. Brett Larson gets you up to speed for the big finale.
Brett Larson: It’s time for 24 in 24. In last week’s episode, Jack finally tracked down Tony Almeida and proceeded to beat him up. Jack later communicates with Jibran to let him know his brother is safe, but he is now being framed for a terrorist attack. Once the train is empty, Jibran finds an abandoned package and tries to get it out of the subway system. He meets up with Jack, hands over the bomb, and Jack lets it explode in a secure room. The day finally comes to an end in tonights season finale as Jack Bauer reaches an emotional breaking point.
Rosanna Scotto: I’m panting already. Alright, that was a peek at tonights 24 finale. And you may have noticed that Jack Bauer is a little bit more warm and fuzzy this season. And that’s because of our next guest. She plays FBI Agent Renee Walker, please welcome live from Los Angeles, Annie Wersching! Annie, so nice to see you “Girl Jack”, how are you?
Annie Wersching: Hi! I’m good, how are you?
Rosanna Scotto: Good. So what’s going on with Jack Bauer? Cause everyone’s saying you’re getting a little too close for comfort.
Annie Wersching: We finally hugged, so I think fans were happy about that.
Rosanna Scotto: Do you slap him around at any point? Cause I know you do a lot of stunts with him, and you’ve had to slap him in the past…
Annie Wersching: Yeah, I slapped him in episode 10. We’ve got some good scenes coming up here in tonights finale, I think they won’t be disappointed.
Rosanna Scotto: There’s a part where you do a pretty dangerous stunt, right? Are you doing something in a car, or hanging on for dear life somewhere?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, my most favorite stunt that I did all season is in the finale. And they let me do almost all of it myself, and it was really fun.
Rosanna Scotto: So Annie, are you gonna be back next year? Do you know already? How does this work.
Annie Wersching: I am! Renee is back for Day 8. I’ve known for a little while, but I haven’t been able to talk about it. I can finally talk about it, I’m so excited to learn more about her and more about her past. They’ve said that something in Renee’s past is directly related to the crisis of the day, so I’m looking forward to finding out what that is.
Rosanna Scotto: Can you give us any more hints on the cliffhanger tonight?
Annie Wersching: Oh, wow. Well, Renee’s sorta moral dilemma throughout the whole season definitely comes to a head at the end of the episode tonight, and gosh… I save someone, I shoot someone, there’s cars on fire, there’s all kinds of stuff. It’s gonna be a great, great finale.
Rosanna Scotto: I heard that you have a lot of secret talents, like you know how to Irish step dance. Is that true?
Annie Wersching: I do! I grew up Irish Dancing, yeah.
Rosanna Scotto: And what about playing a tin whistle? What is that exactly.
Annie Wersching: A tin whistle, is the Irish flute, I took that at the same time as I took the Irish dancing and competed in both, traveling throughout the summers and.. A little Riverdance.
Rosanna Scotto: Do you keep that up?
Annie Wersching: I do. I mean now it’s a little bit more of going home and dancing with the girls I used to dance with in the pubs, [rather] than really competing or anything like that, but yeah, I do as much as I can. I go home to St. Louis every St. Patrick’s Day no matter what, even if it’s just for a day.
Rosanna Scotto: Alright! Annie Wersching, thank you so much for being on our show today. And next time, can you bring the tin whistle? Or at least dance for us?
Annie Wersching: I will.
Rosanna Scotto: Okay. Alright, the big two hour 24 finale is tonight at 8:00 right here on FOX 5. And you can catch up with any episodes that you missed with FOX on Demand – head to Thank you Annie.