Annie Wersching FOX Source Season 7 Finale Interview

May 18th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching talks about the possible love story between Renee and Jack Bauer and teases some interesting things coming up in the 24 Season 7 finale.


Jack is trouble – I was doing what Larry said, and then Jack came along and messed things up *laughs*. You’ll see in the finale that things end in a big way for her. It’s pretty interesting, it definitely takes a turn.

On Jack Bauer and Renee Walker’s romance:
They just met, although they did finally hug last night. I know Renee was catching a little slack for not hugging Jack – when she found out he was sick the fans kept talking about how I didn’t hug him. They finally hugged last night, so at least there’s that! I don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen with Day 8, I know that [24 showrunner] Howard Gordon has talked a little bit about a romance, so we’ll have to see.

Annie Wersching’s favorite scene:
My favorite scene? I would probably have to say that scene in the hospital in episode 10 where I slap Kiefer — Jack a few times. That was a pretty big day. We couldn’t do too many takes because I was slapping him pretty hard and if he got red, we would’ve had to stop so, we didn’t do that many. I was very nervous about that scene for some reason. I’m not really a very nervous actor, I don’t like to stress about things, but I knew that she was in such a raw place for that scene that I barely slept the night before (on purpose). I was like, “I’m just going to be really tired and out of it and maybe that will help!” *laughs*

On the 24 Season 7 finale:
In terms of Renee, Renee gets to do some really really amazing stuff in the season finale. I get to do the coolest stunt that I got to do for the whole season, and they let me do the whole thing myself so I’m very excited about that.

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