Annie Wersching FOX News piece

January 27th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching was on FOX News to discuss Renee Walker’s emotional arc in 24 Season 7 and working with Kiefer Sutherland. She jokes about outrunning him in an action scene.


Jonathan Hunt, FOX News: Newcomer Annie Wersching joins the fight playing an FBI Agent who can’t decide who to trust.
Annie Wersching: For Renee there’s definitely an emotional arc as far as the season goes and trying to decide if she’s going to do things the Jack way or the FBI way. That’s a huge personal struggle that I have throughout the episodes that is very very interesting and was a lot of fun.
Jonathan Hunt, FOX News: Without backup from CTU Los Angeles, Jack has to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. But he may have trouble deciding where to put Agent Walker.
Annie Wersching: I took to the action stuff pretty easily, I’m a dancer, or was a dancer. It’s basically like choreography. I did enjoy trying to outrun him when we both had to run together in a scene. There was one time when we were shooting in the Universal backlot and he was not pleased that I was going faster (laughs). He blamed it on the age difference (smiles).
Jonathan Hunt, FOX News: Get in on the action with 24, Monday nights on FOX. In Hollywood, Jonathan Hunt, FOX News.