Annie Wersching Good Day NY interview

January 14th, 2010 24

Annie Wersching talks about Renee Walker in 24 Season 8, her photo shoot for FHM UK, her Irish Dancing roots, and her recent ten-year high school reunion on Good Day New York.


Julie Chang: 24 fans, get ready. It’s the final countdown to the premiere of season 8. We are joined this morning by Annie Wersching, aka Agent Renee Walker. Please welcome Annie to Good Day. You look lovely and congratulations on season 8, you’ve already shot eighteen episodes.
Annie Wersching: Yes.
Julie Chang: Season 7 you left us with a huge cliffhanger – Jack is injured, you basically quit… What’s happening this season? Without blowing anything away.
Annie Wersching: Well without blowing anything away, let’s see… Big spoiler alert, Jack Bauer lives. Huge news, huge news.
Julie Chang: Thank goodness! Yeah.
Annie Wersching: He’s in a really good place. He’s happy, he’s good. He left Agent Walker kinda messed up. She’s in a dark place and she’s no longer with the FBI, nothing to lose. She’s kinda dangerous now.
Julie Chang: Now Annie, please tell me that Renee and Jack make out.
Annie Wersching: All the time, every episode. *Laughs*
Julie Chang: Really?!
Annie Wersching: At least once an episode, yeah!
Julie Chang: That would be fantastic.
Annie Wersching: They’re changing it up for this season.
Julie Chang: You’re not gonna give us that hint? Alright. Well if not a kiss, at least you guys are really close talkers. Cause we have a clip of a dramatic scene and I swear you guys are one inch apart from talking. Let’s roll that clip. [Jack Bauer and Renee Walker reunite clip plays]. See what I mean? Like this. *puts hand one inch between face* Personal space, there is none! Now, when a woman knows how to handle a gun she instantly becomes a sex symbol. So you are on the pages of FHM UK. What was that photoshoot like?
Annie Wersching: Um.. Cold. *laughs*
Julie Chang: They barely give you any clothes. We don’t have pictures from it cause it’s not for another month but was that fun?
Annie Wersching: It was, it was pretty fun. It can be a little scary at first but they actually made me feel really comfortable. It was really fun. My mom was there, that was a little weird. But it was really fun.
Julie Chang: Now a lot of people don’t know this about you, but you have a background in Irish dancing.
Annie Wersching: I do.
Julie Chang: How many years of that did you do?
Annie Wersching: Gosh, I started when I was five and I did it competitively until I was eighteen. And now I just do it in the pubs when I go home for St. Patrick’s Day.
Julie Chang: So how did that and also living in St. Louis, how did that lead you to Hollywood?
Annie Wersching: I was a theater brat, I was a musical theater major. And I just figured if you’re gonna be a struggling actress why not do it where it’s sunny and warm and beautiful. *Laughs*
Julie Chang: What do you make of the phenomenon of this show?
Annie Wersching: I was a huge fan of the show before I even was on it. I think it’s just unlike anything else that’s currently on television. The real time aspect is so amazing and keeps your heart pounding, it’s just unlike anything else.
Julie Chang: Now I know you recently attended your ten year high-school reunion.
Annie Wersching: Yes.
Julie Chang: What’s the reaction like from your old friends? To see you on one of the most popular shows.
Annie Wersching: Ah, they’re so excited! They’re happy that for the most part I seem exactly the same, just as silly and weird. So that makes them happy! *laughs*
Julie Chang: Okay, and I’m gonna ask once again. Are you and Jack totally gonna make out?
Annie Wersching: We’ll see.
Julie Chang: Alright. That’s a teaser in itself. Annie thank you so much for coming in.
Annie Wersching: Thank you for having me!
Julie Chang: So nice to finally meet you. 24 premieres this Sunday right here on FOX.