Annie Wersching on Hollywood 411

February 3rd, 2009 24

“Another day, another potential doomsday scenario. Actress Annie Wersching talks about terrorist plots, getting shot in the neck and being buried alive as the FBI agent Renee Walker on the new season of 24!”


Hollywood 411: Renee Walker’s an FBI Agent that plays by the rules for the most part, but all that changes when she teams up with Agent Jack Bauer – go figure. Joining me now, Annie Wersching who plays Agent Walker on FOX’s hit series 24. Welcome, it’s nice to meet you!
Annie Wersching: Thank you so much!
Hollywood 411: Congrats on the show, congrats on being on 24. What was that like when you got that call, to join such a vaunted series?
Annie Wersching: Well I was the biggest fan of the show, i’d seen every episode of every season. It’s still, even after a year and a half later of filming (the longest season ever), very surreal.
Hollywood 411: You’re mentioning it was a long [time], because you guys were pre-empted because of the writers strike. So a lot went into this season, it’s almost like mini movies every week.
Annie Wersching: It is, absolutely. Little feature films. But actually I think we’re one of the only series that may have actually benefited from the writers strike, cause we were really able to make it as good as it could possibly be this year.
Hollywood 411: I’ve talked to people on your crew, usually you guys would love to go back and reshoot stuff, but you just don’t have the time [since] it’s gotta be on the air. But now, the entire season is done.
Annie Wersching: Yes. It’s the first time that’s ever happened, that the 24th episode was filmed before the first episode aired.
Hollywood 411: So your Agent gets killed next week? Oh no, I was just going to try and trick you up. No, you are an FBI Agent, and for the most part when we met you, you’re a goody two shoes, by the book. And the more and more we see you with Jack Bauer, you kind of have that rogue mentality I see.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, he’s rubbing off on me a little bit. It’s hard cause I was sorta put in control of him, I have to try and keep him under wraps, but he’s a little influential. *laughs*
Hollywood 411: Last week’s episode kind of freaked people out because you got shot, and Jack Bauer being the expert marksman he is, fake killed you, grazing your neck without hurting your hearing at all.
Annie Wersching: Yes! Didn’t mess up my hair or anything! *laughs*
Hollywood 411: I know! He and Tony Almeida had to bury you alive.
Annie Wersching: Yeah.
Hollywood 411: We’re talking acting now, how did that happen? Tell us how they buried you alive. Was that you and they really did that?
Annie Wersching: It was definitely me. I didn’t do the actual fall into the hole which I was begging to do.
Hollywood 411: That was a stunt woman.
Annie Wersching: That was a stunt woman, yes… But I did all the rest of it. I was the one that had the plastic over my face with the dirt on top. And there was only one scary moment, the first time they did it. It was more about the reveal when Bill Buchanan had to pull the plastic apart that was scary.
Hollywood 411: Cause you had to be in there for a couple of minutes for them to jump down and shoot that.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, and the first time we did that and I had to breathe in, the plastic went in my mouth for a second and then couldn’t get back out cause of the weight of the dirt. But… eh! *laughs*
Hollywood 411: Are you claustrophobic? Cause that would’ve freaked me out.
Annie Wersching: No, I was okay. I was very game for all of that kinda stuff on the show.
Hollywood 411: Thanks for making me look like a sissy on my own show.
Annie Wersching: I’m sorry *laughs*
Hollywood 411: I’m used to it, that’s okay. You are alive and were finally let in on the fact that these rogue — Bill and Jack and Tony Almeida have kinda reformed CTU to bust open this large-scale infiltration into the government.
Annie Wersching: I’m sorta in their little secret CTU now. Although I wouldn’t say I’m 100% full on trusting of the situation yet. It’s hard to believe that the FBI I’ve been working for forever is corrupt.
Hollywood 411: And we see that problem that you’re trying to deal with, cause Bill has just explained to you last week that you need to basically remain dead. Remain dark with the rest of them or all of this is gonna be blown open, so I guess going forward that’s what we’re gonna deal with is, “Do I go back to the people I trust or do I deal with these people”?
Annie Wersching: Exactly, exactly. Cause I know that I can trust Agent Moss (my boss at FBI), or at least I think I can, and I really wanna go to him but Bill says “No no no”.
Hollywood 411: Last thing, I sense sexual tension between you and Jack Bauer. Are we gonna go there?
Annie Wersching: There’s only so much you can do when you’re trying to save the world in a day…
Hollywood 411: We only have a day, but… I’m just saying…
Annie Wersching: There’s definitely some chemistry and a lot of respect and it’s interesting.
Hollywood 411: I guess it would only be a one-night stand, because it has to be in 24 hours.
Annie Wersching: Or a five minute stand or something. *laughs*
Hollywood 411: Well it’s nice to meet you and congrats on the show, you do a phenomenal job.
Annie Wersching: Thank you, thank you so much.
Hollywood 411: And I’m glad you’re still alive.
Annie Wersching: Thanks! *laughs*
Hollywood 411: You can watch all new episodes of 24, it’s of course Mondays at 9/8 Central on FOX.