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24 star Annie Wersching is set to light up the small screen again in the Lifetime movie The Surrogate, premiering on Saturday (March 2) at 8pm ET/PT. When a famous novelist (Cameron Mathison) and his wife (Annie) hire a surrogate (Amy Scott) to carry their child, they become caught in a bizarre web of obsession, revenge and murder.

Annie opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her upcoming film, the joys of motherhood, her nearly 3-year-old son Freddie, and she shares her exciting news: “Freddie will get to be a big brother at the end of the summer,” she announces.

Annie Wersching in The Surrogate
Annie Wersching in The Surrogate, premiering March 2nd on Lifetime

CBS: Tell us about your role in The Surrogate. How did you get into character?
“I play Allison Kelly, wife to Jacob Kelly (Cameron Mathison) a famous novelist and teacher. We are desperate to have a baby and hire a surrogate. Unfortunately she turns out to he a total whacko, obsessed with my husband and she will do anything to have him. Allison is not going to let that happen, but she still has to protect her unborn child, being carried by a lunatic. You know, just a normal day in the life of a mama-to-be [laughs].”

CBS: How did you click with the rest of the cast?
“We all got along so well! I instantly felt like I’d known Cameron for years. We had so much fun making these far fetched scenarios as realistic as possible. And I tried to not like Amy, you know to help with my character, but dammit it just wasn’t possible.”

CBS: Tell us about your son Freddie. What does he do to make you smile?
“God, what doesn’t he do to make me smile?! He is the best! He is quite the little entertainer, always saying the funniest things. This morning it was, ‘Rock n Roll baby, Rock n Roll!’ I have no idea where he got that or who says that.

Oh and he can hit a ball pitched to him (not off a tee) almost out of the infield! And his Golf swing?! Ridiculously good for a 2 1/2 year old. And his arm?! He’s going to pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals [laughs]. His natural athletic ability is really quite astounding.

But the most amazing part is his sweet little soul. What a gift. Clearly, I could go on and on.”

CBS: Are you away from Freddie when you’re shooting, or does he come with you?
“For the most part I’ve been able to keep him pretty close to me when working. He traveled with me to Dallas a few times when I was shooting there. But just recently I went directly from Dallas to North Carolina for Revoltion and he stayed home with daddy. About 10 days away from him – it was so hard! Thank goodness for Skype.”

Wersching family
Annie Wersching with her family

CBS: How do you balance career and family life?
“It is hard for sure. To me, family will always be the most important thing. I lost my mom, who I was incredibly close with, 2 years ago and I just see things differently now. Our time here is so short. Had I waited to have Freddie any longer she may not have gotten to meet him. And I treasure that she did. I love, love, love to work. A lot. Don’t get me wrong, but I try really hard to keep it balanced.”

CBS: What have been some of your favorite motherhood moments so far?
“All of them? It’s the little things. Him leaning over and randomly kissing my nose; telling me, ‘Good job Mommy, Good job’ after I say bless you or thank you or something; asking to watch Aladdin immediately after having just watched it; him asking me to ‘sing like a girl,’ meaning any Jasmine, Ariel or Disney song. Seriously it’s those little moments of him finding his unique little personality that are so rewarding and lovely.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?
For starters I am growing a new little human! Freddie will get to be a big brother at the end of the summer!

And then work wise…

The Surrogate is this coming Saturday. I begin recurring on Dallas Monday, March 4. And I will be on Touch March 29 and Revolution April 22 soon as well.

And then just continuing to find the balance!”

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