Yahoo Sports Big League Stew blog interviews Annie Wersching

Annie Wersching was briefly interviewed by Big League Stew (a Yahoo Sports blog) about her participation in the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game.

Annie Wersching Celebrity Softball 2009
Annie Wersching Celebrity Softball 2009

So you were a big Cardinals fan growing up?
Huge. Huge. I think I’m batting second, after Vince Coleman and before Ozzie Smith. I mean, what?

You’ll have to sacrifice bunt then and get Vince over to third, right?
Oh my gosh, yes, if I don’t faint.

Do you have any prior softball experience or is this a one-time thing?
I played in junior high for a team called Lucky Sluggers. Then I played in an L.A. summer league for a team called the Underdogs.

Who’s your favorite Cardinal?
Hmm, I love Pujols but everyone says him … Let me go Skip (Schumaker)

What about all the mustaches they’re growing, is that something you’re into?

Source Big League Stew (Yahoo Sports blog)


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