Annie Wersching

July 12th, 2009

Annie Wersching talks to’s Tara Gore in prep for the 2009 Celebrity All-Star game in St. Louis.


Partial Interview Transcript
Tara Gore: You ready?
Annie Wersching: I’m ready! A little sweaty, little sweaty *laughs*.
Tara Gore: You guys at home on the internet or TV don’t know this, but it’s HOT here.
Wersching: It’s really hot! [inaudible]. I come back to St Louis a lot, but I don’t always come in Summer, so…

Tara Gore: What’s your plan today? Are you gonna go out there [inaudible]
Wersching: I’d just like to not strike out, cause if I do I might cry, which would be more embarassing.
Tara Gore: There’s no crying in baseball!
Wersching: I know, I’ve heard that. I think I’m just gonna have fun, you know, batting after Vince Coleman before Ozzy Smith, so [inaudible].
Tara Gore: Wow. So when you’re batting, Ozzy Smith is going to be on deck.
Wersching: Yes!