Annie Wersching leaves General Hospital to join 24

Annie Wersching as Amelia Joffe in General Hospital

Some days just start out good.

Coffee in hand, I log on to my computer and sort through a myriad of emails. One pops out at me as interesting even though the subject is the basic “Hey Julie.” But it’s not from my sister or a fellow editor this time, it’s from Annie Wersching. General Hospital‘s Jekyll and Hydeish Amelia Joffe must have something to tell me, so I opened it right away. And I’m glad I did! She has news for us.

“I wanted to let you know that I am now going to be a series regular on 24 this
season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, she writes. (Can you just feel her excitement?) She writes that she just found out about the role and that the powers that be at GH know, but as a favor to me, she wanted to be the first soap site with the news.

Annie tells me, “Unfortunately that means no more Amelia, but I had such a wonderful time in the soap opera world.” And let me speak for all of us, soap opera world had a wonderful time with the lovely (and damaged!) Amelia, too! It will be so interesting to see how the show will do away with her, or will they dare to recast? In any case, it’s been a wild ride since Amelia rode her broom into Port Charles.

Our loss is the cast (and fans!) of 24‘s gain. Annie says that she’ll be playing a series regular named Agent Renee Walker. Heck, she even provided me with the character’s bio: “Caucasian, in her mid 30’s she is an FBI Agent heading up a special task force. Renee is smart, strong, sexy and very good at her job at the expense of her personal life. At some point she and Jack Bauer’s paths will cross and there will be an attraction for one another.” Hmmm, sounds kind of familiar, eh? She starts taping on September 7, so that means whatever happens to Amelia has to happen soon! Season 7 of 24 begins airing in January. wants to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Annie! She will do well in nighttime drama and we will keep fans posted on her career. On a personal note, it was wonderful every time she and I chatted. I am really excited for her and think I might just – finally! – start watching 24!


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