Annie Wersching and Jon Cassar interviewed by TV Guide

July 18th, 2008

TV Guide’s Matt Mitovich interviews Annie Wersching and 24 director/executive producer Jon Cassar at the FOX All-Star Party in Santa Monica. They discuss the writer’s strike, a female president on 24, the new location, and they propose a “Jackie Bauer” spinoff starring Annie.


Matt Mitovich: So what’s the big plan for season 7? Jack’s gonna go on trial for all his so called crimes?
Jon Cassar: Yeah, CTU’s shut down and unfortunately he’s taken the fall for everything that happened at CTU. And the agent that comes to get him is Annie Wersching who plays Renee Walker and she becomes his partner.
Annie Wersching: His female partner.
Matt Mitovich: Being a beautiful FBI agent, there’s probably the obvious question of “is there gonna be some sparks going on there?”
Annie Wersching: Uh, professional, sure. I give him a run for his money!
Jon Cassar: She does a good job of that, actually.
Matt Mitovich: Can you say “drop it” as authoritatively as [Jack Bauer] does?
Annie Wersching: *Laughs* Yes. And i’ll say that!
Jon Cassar: She’s pretty tough. She’s pretty tough. I mean, to hang out with Jack Bauer and sorta go toe-to-toe with him, you’ve gotta be a tough chick. And she’s that.
Matt Mitovich: So what do you think about 24 introducing a female president?
Annie Wersching: I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s absolutely wonderful. Cherry is amazing.
Matt Mitovich: I saw the trailer and she’s tremendously authoritative.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, yeah. She’s really great.
Jon Cassar: Yeah she’s a great president and it’s something new for 24. For us, it’s a new type of President, which was exciting for us and Cherry Jones is doing an amazing job.
Matt Mitovich: How did the shoot down in Africa go?
Jon Cassar: It was very exciting, it went really well. The weather was rough – hard to get through, but I think what we have is really special. We’re very excited about it.
Matt Mitovich: Everything I hear says the two hour prequel movie is outstanding.
Jon Cassar: Good, that’s a good thing to pass on! *laughs* We think it is.
Matt Mitovich: Tell me about Jon Voight. Was he on a wishlist?
Annie Wersching: I just met him today for the first time.
Jon Cassar: He’s great, he was actually working today, he was shooting. Yeah, I think Jon Voight is always on your wish list, for sure. We actually talked about him in other years but sometimes it’s just a matter of the right part, the right scheduling. I think we’re lucky that it all worked out.
Matt Mitovich: Do you ever find yourself running out of massive global threats to introduce each season?
Jon Cassar: I don’t get to pick those threats, the writers do. They keep coming up with them, so there seems to be enough trouble in the world that we can take advantage of.
Annie Wersching: At least we’re in a new city.
Jon Cassar: Yeah, that’s true. We’re in Washington D.C.
Matt Mitovich: Annie was it kind of a tease for you, getting cast on the show and having to sit on the sidelines cause of the [writers] strike?
Annie Wersching: Oh my gosh, yes. Yeah, it’s a whole year different, it’ll be so different.
Jon Cassar: Yeah it’s hard. And it’s too bad, I’m upset that people don’t get to see Annie earlier than they’re going to unfortunately.
Annie Wersching: Awwww…
Jon Cassar: Cause if they did, they’d see how wonderful she is in this show.
Matt Mitovich: Spin-off, spin-off!
Annie Wersching: Yes!
Jon Cassar: There we go! Maybe?!
Annie Wersching: Jackie Bauer!
Jon Cassar and Matt Mitovich: Jackie Bauer! *everyone laughs*