Annie Wersching at FOX All-Stars party

January 15th, 2009 24

TV Guide’s Matt Mitovich interviews 24’s Annie Wersching on the red carpet at the FOX All-Stars party.


Matt Mitovich: How was the experience compared to any expectations you had going in?
Annie Wersching: I was a big fan of the show, so I know all the history with the show and was definitely prepared as far as the backstory with all the other characters. But it was just really exciting.
Matt Mitovich: What sort of firsts did you experience as an actress on 24?
Annie Wersching: Shooting a gun, flying in a helicopter, umm..
Matt Mitovich: Did you get to roll over the roofs of any cars, or?
Annie Wersching: I stood on the roof of a car, and actually Kiefer left it in drive so I was kind of surfing.. that was interesting, that was a first! *laughs*
Matt Mitovich: Now I think we’ve seen some hints already that Jack is starting to rub off on your character a little bit. She’s starting to get a little aggressive in her tactics.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, it’s kind of Agent Walker’s struggle for all the episodes that I’m in, is whether or not to do things the Jack way or the FBI way. I don’t wanna do things his way, but…
Matt Mitovich: I felt so bad when he drugged her. I thought they were starting to bond!
Annie Wersching: I know, right?! That’s how I feel. So I’ve gotta go find him! *laughs*
Matt Mitovich: So what’s the deal, is she sleeping with her boss? Is that what’s going on?
Annie Wersching: Umm.. There’s some Larry Moss history – I don’t know if anything’s current..
Matt Mitovich: I think he’s a mole. I don’t like him!
Annie Wersching: *Laughs* I love people trying to guess who the mole is! I love that game.