Annie Wersching talks 24 with FOX Source

September 25th, 2008 24

Annie Wersching plays Renee Walker, an FBI agent on 24 and Jack Bauer’s new partner. Check out what she has to say about Day 7!


Jason C, FOX Source: 24, season 7!
Annie Wersching: 24! Yessss!
FOX Source: You excited?
Annie Wersching: Yes, very.
FOX Source: When is the premiere?
Annie Wersching: January of 2009. There’s going to be a two hour movie in November, it’s pretty cool. I’m not in that, but I’m in the season when it starts.
FOX Source: What is your character, is she good, bad, mess things up?
Annie Wersching: I play Renee Walker, I’m an FBI Agent, and I pull Jack out of a senate hearing to come help us with the particular crisis of the day. So we’re kinda partners out in the field and I have to decide if I’m gonna do things the Jack Bauer way or the the FBI way.
FOX Source: So you’re gonna be in there quite a while.
Annie Wersching: Yeah.
FOX Source: What episode do you start in?
Annie Wersching: One.
FOX Source: Oh, alright. So the first hour.
Annie Wersching: Yep, the very first hour, and we’re just finishing [episode] eighteen right now.
FOX Source: Wow! You guys are just hooking it all up.
Annie Wersching: We’ve been shooting for a year.
FOX Source: Are you guys going to kick it off with a middle of the night thing, where he’s not sleeping, or middle of the day?
Annie Wersching: I think it starts at 8 in the morning maybe? That could be wrong, that might be wrong. But I think that’s right.
FOX Source: I think if I were Jack Bauer I’d know that I can’t ever go out on an all-night bender, because you never know!
Annie Wersching: Nope, nope. You never know when you have to save the world! *laughs*
FOX Source: So does he ever doze off on you when you’re out in the field, do you have to wake him up? I never get to see that scene, I always want to.
Annie Wersching: No, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t go to the bathroom, and he doesn’t fall asleep. It’s the best partner ever!
FOX Source: Keeps ya busy, cause the time is running.
Annie Wersching: Right!
FOX Source: What are you gonna do when you get in there? Cause you’ve got a casino at your disposal.
Annie Wersching: I’ve never been to this, I didn’t come to this one last year. So I’m going to look for the roulette. Do they have roulette?
FOX Source: I believe they do.
Annie Wersching: I’m gonna do the red/black. Kinda lame, but eh.
FOX Source: I’ve been hearing 21. So I dunno. I’d go over there, when you see everyone bunched around the roulette table, 21. I’m telling ya.
Annie Wersching: I like to do what not everyone else is doing. I’m gonna change it up!
FOX Source: There ya go. You march to the beat of your own drum.
Annie Wersching: Yes! *Laughs*
FOX Source: Great, it was great talking to you. Good luck with the new season, I’m sorry it’s so far off in the future. [Looks at camera] What’s up FOX?
Annie Wersching: Nah, it’s good, it’s getting close!
FOX Source: Yeah, I know.
Annie Wersching: Thank you so much.
FOX Source: Thank you very much.