Annie Wersching talks with Sky1

March 5th, 2009 24

Sky1 recently had the chance to sit down with 24‘s Annie Wersching aka Renee Walker herself, to chat about such topics as fight scenes, Renee’s changing attitudes towards torture, and the possibility of a Jack-Renee romance!


We get the scripts about a week and a half, two weeks before we shoot – two episodes at a time. Anything that shows up in a script that is something I would never, well hopefully never do in my normal life, I’m just totally pumped. I got right to it, my third day of shooting was the day I learned that fight [video: Renee Walker Takes Down Ari]. The gun training, shooting guns was really fun. Kiefer and I have some really just great dialogue throughout the show. A lot of emotional stuff, it’s really fun to do both.

Renee Walker’s character:
I’m the one who vouches for Jack and tells everyone that he’s the one that can help us with our national security crisis. I definitely stick up for him, and then he strangles me and double-crosses and all of that fun stuff. It’s almost like you have to go a little bit Jack to find Jack – episode 4 I’m definitely conflicted about doing it [the Alan Tanner torture scene]. I don’t think it was anything she was planning on doing necessarily. She’s definitely not happy about it, but it got her what she needed – all she could think about was finding Jack.

On being Jack Bauer’s partner:
You’re always taking a risk to be in any way close to Jack Bauer, whether it’s romantic or professional. But it is a risk I’m definitely willing to take to run around with Jack. As far as actually romantic, there’s only so much you can do when you’re trying to save the day, trying to save the world. But there’s definitely chemistry and it’s interesting.