Annie Wersching on FOX5 Good Day Atlanta

January 8th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching is interviewed by FOX 5 Good Day Atlanta just ahead of the 24 Season 7 premiere. She talks about being a new cast recruit, filming on location in Washington DC, being from St. Louis, and more.


Good Day Atlanta: Oh yeah, Jack is back and he’s got a new co-star. Season 7 of 24 starts right here on FOX5 on Sunday. Joining us this morning on Good Day Atlanta is Annie Wersching who is new to the cast for Season 7 as FBI Agent Renee Walker. Good morning, Annie! Welcome.
Annie Wersching: Good morning, thank you.
Good Day Atlanta: Boy, you handled yourself well there!
Annie Wersching: Thank you, thank you.
Good Day Atlanta: Didn’t even need any assistance from Jack, [he] wasn’t pitching in there to help you out. So, what’s it like being in Season 7?
Annie Wersching: It’s amazing, it’s a great season. It takes place in Washington DC this year, a lot of new changes. I was a huge fan of the show, so I can tell you as a fan it’s a really good season.
Good Day Atlanta: I saw the first episode in a sneak preview last night, and let me tell you, it’s better than ever as Annie says. They have moved it out of LA, there’s no CTU anymore. What was it like filming in Washington DC on location?
Annie Wersching: It was really great. I’ve never been there before and they were so welcoming and it was really cool.
Good Day Atlanta: Are there like new elements that we’re dealing with here? They have to reinvent the show like year after year.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, it’s gotta be difficult, but the [writers] really upped it this year. They’re trying to make it the best season there’s even been. They changed a lot of things up but kept the core of the show that everyone loves.
Good Day Atlanta: And the surprise come back of one of the main characters.
Annie Wersching: There is, Mr. Almeida.
Good Day Atlanta: Right, Tony Almeida who was a friend of Jack’s but has come back at the beginning here as maybe a bad guy. Maybe, but I don’t want any spoilers or anything like that. Now you’re from the mid-west?
Annie Wersching: I am, I’m from St. Louis.
Good Day Atlanta: St. Louis, and you’re in good company, [inaudible] and I are both from St. Louis, isn’t that weird?
Annie Wersching: I know, that’s crazy! It’s very exciting, I’m headed there after this today.
Good Day Atlanta: My brush with greatness, I was at Mizzou [University of Missouri] the same time as Brad Pitt.
Annie Wersching: Wow.
Good Day Atlanta: Never met him. Never even bumped into him. So if you work with him, don’t feel like you have to say hi for me or anything like that.
Annie Wersching: Ok, ok. (laughs)
Good Day Atlanta: I was on the set of 24 in Season 4, we were there for the filming of the final episode. From Kiefer, to the director, to everyone, I gotta tell you. I’ve been on a lot of sets before, they were the nicest people.
Annie Wersching: Weren’t they the nicest people? Yeah, they were so welcoming to me. They’ve all been together for seven or eight years, it’s one big huge family and I love them! It’s really really fun.
Good Day Atlanta: So that must have been really important to you, to go in and feel welcome. I mean this group has been together for so long.
Annie Wersching: Absolutely. And great additions this year too, with Jon Voight and Janeane Garofalo. All of the new people are so amazing, Cherry Jones.. It’s going to be a really good season.
Good Day Atlanta: Alright, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m worried about you: people don’t hang around long on this show.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, you know. It’s a risk I’m willing to take to hang out with Jack Bauer.
Good Day Atlanta: Alright, well we saw there, you handled yourself pretty good. Pretty good. Annie Wersching joining us this morning. Thanks so much.
Annie Wersching: Thank you so much.
Good Day Atlanta: Good luck to you with Season 7 of 24.
Annie Wersching: Thank you.
Good Day Atlanta: Of course you can see it on FOX 5. It begins this Sunday night, it’s a four-hour premiere that begins on Sunday night, followed up on Monday night as well. Get locked in right here, only on FOX 5.