24 Inside’s Daphne Brogdon interviews Annie Wersching

January 6th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching is interviewed by host of “24 Inside” Daphne Brogdon on the red carpet at the 24 Season 7 premiere screening party on January 6, 2009. She is asked about being a female Jack Bauer, how the show has a different feel by moving to Washington, D.C., and if there was anything she would have liked to happen for her character Renee Walker that didn’t.


Daphne Brogdon: You’re almost like a female Jack Bauer…
Annie Wersching: Yeah *smiles*
Daphne Brogdon: What a plum role for an actress.
Annie Wersching: Yeah. You know, I was such an incredible, a huge fan of the show – I had seen every episode of every season. It was my favorite show.
Daphne Brogdon: Did the show have a different gravitas being in Washington D.C.?
Annie Wersching: The look of it, the way the shot it, the lighting… it’s such a different look than Los Angeles. It changes it for sure. Just seeing Jack in a new place is I think really interesting.
Daphne Brogdon: Now you have a lot of undercurrents you’re playing with. You have your undercurrent with Jack, and you also have your undercurrent with Larry. How did you play that, how did you keep track of all that?
Annie Wersching: It’s interesting to balance it – the person you have the most history with, and this person you have this amazing connection with even though you’ve only known each other for a few hours. So it was a very delicate balance and I was definitely the middle person between one extreme and the other, kinda riding the line between which way to go. It’s really fun!
Daphne Brogdon: Is there anything you wanted to do that you didn’t get to do? Like, “I think that Renee should…” ya know?
Annie Wersching: Well, there’s only so much you can do personally when you’re busy trying to save the world in twenty-four hours. So of course you wish that you could delve into a little more personal stuff, but then the show wouldn’t be 24, so..