Annie Wersching on FOX All Access

February 5th, 2009 24

In an exclusive interview Annie Wersching of 24 spoke to to FOX All Access Host Chris Leary about joining the cast and doing scenes with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).


Annie Wersching: I play Special Agent Renee Walker, FBI Agent who brings Jack Bauer out of a senate hearing to help us with our crisis. I’m sorta the only one that believes in him in the beginning and thinks that he can help us. I convince my boss [Larry Moss] that we should let him help us and things go awry *laughs*.
FOX Source: Has Kiefer talked to you about what he thinks of your stuff?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, yeah. We worked very very closely together. Had a lot of scenes, a lot of episodes, and we had a good time.
FOX Source: When you’re on a drama… Comedies obviously, when the camera stops you have a little fun to break up the monotony, is that hard to do on something so serious as 24?
Annie Wersching: It depends on the type of day that we’re having. If it’s an action day, it’s usually a more loose, free, day. If it’s a big emotional heavy dialogue scene, it’s usually a little bit more serious. If there’s a lot of changes happening with the particular scene, rewriting stuff, then it’s a very serious day. But we have a good amount of fun, especially with Janeane Garofalo – she was kinda my Chloe in the FBI and we had a lot of fun.
FOX Source: As a fan, it’d be cool… You ask any fan of of 24, which you were… It’s like “Hey, you know what? I’m glad you like the show. You’re now in it and you’re working with Kiefer Sutherland”. What’s that like as a fan transmission?
Annie Wersching: You know, because I did so much with Kiefer, I got pretty used to having scenes with Jack Bauer. It was when I’d have scenes with the other people when all of a sudden out of nowhere “Why is Chloe talking to me right now?” that’s the stuff that I was like “Okay, wait a minute…” *laughs* So very surreal.
FOX Source: The situations and things like that, is it what you imagined?
Annie Wersching: It is, I think it definitely helps that I know all the history of Jack and what he went through with his wife and all that. I think all of that helped feed my relationship with him.