Annie Wersching Der Standard (German) interview

January 20th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching interviewed by Der Standard on her first 24 experience and what it’s like to work alongside Jack Bauer in Season 7.


Der Standard: Tell us about your first 24 experience.
Annie Wersching: It was very early. My very first time that I actually met Kiefer was the very first scene that we did that day. It was also his first scene back for Season 7. Everyone was just so wonderful and nice. I was very nervous, but once we got past the first scene it was all good.

Der Standard: Agent Walker is a strong woman behind a strong man (rough translation).
Annie Wersching: Definitely, definitely. Especially having watched the show, it’s very interesting to play… You know, there hasn’t been a role like this on the show yet: a female Agent actually out in the field with Jack, going toe to toe with him. And so I’m very honored.

Der Standard: Thank you very much.
Annie Wersching: Sure, thank you so much!