Annie Wersching at FOX All-Star Party interview

January 13th, 2010 24

FOX Source interviewed Annie Wersching at the FOX All-Star Party regarding the time her character spent undercover with the Russian mob, Renee’s transformation in the eighth season, a possible romance between Jack and Renee, and more.


Renee Walker in Season 8:
Well, obviously Renee went through a lot. Day 7 obviously took a huge toll on her, as you could see in the whole season, from where she started Season 7 to where she ended it. She had a great arc and she ended in a pretty dark/conflicted headspace. Obviously she’s had some issues in-between seasons and she’s lost her job and basically lost everything. She’s lost her partner Larry during the season, she’s lost her job and her career. She’s unsure about her beliefs even. Everything she thought she believed in was put to the test and challenged. What does she really have anymore? She has nothing to lose, so therefore she is pretty dangerous. And Jack has to keep an eye on her (laughs) because he’s worried about her, concerned.

On whether Renee broke the rules while undercover before:
She had to fit into that world when she was under before. But when she was under before, I still think she was doing things by protocol. She was under and saw some pretty dark stuff, but I’m sure when she actually busted them, she did it exactly as she was supposed to and didn’t break any rules or laws. Where as this year, or this time when she’s under, she’s already gone through everything she went through in Day 7. She’s already learned everything that she’s kind of learned from Jack. She’s already really messed up in that way, about what’s right and what’s wrong. So now she’s just like, “I’m gonna do whatever I want!” (Laughs)

On a possible romance between Jack and Renee:
It’s always interesting when two characters, when people want them together, but they don’t quite get together. I think that’s an interesting dynamic as well. Sometimes you can ruin things if you put them together right away and don’t keep the tension. But they definitely have an interesting relationship that I think is romantic in their own right. It’s never going to be a stereotypical romance like on any other TV show, because the show is so intense and they’re going through such extreme situations that nobody else is really going through on different sorts of shows. But I think the fans will be pleased. It’s a good mix of together and kind of not together. (Laughs)

On “Dark Renee”:
I would just say, further down the road in Season 8, Renee sort of continues on her fearless, dangerous, stay the F out of my way mode. So I would just look out for that, and stay out of her way! (Laughs)