24 Scenemakers: Season 7, Episode 12

March 3rd, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 12

Annie Wersching appears in this “Scenemakers” behind the scenes video feature which discusses her chase in the Potomac River and her fight scene with Laurent Dubaku.


Brad Turner (Director): Agent Walker is basically getting out of the Potomac and she’s running away from the sentry (Laurent Dubaku) she’s left on this boat. He’s hot on her tail and it’s basically an action sequence that takes us from one place to another.
Annie Wersching: Two weeks ago we shot the beginning part of this scene. So they had to recreate it like I’ve just come out of the water. It’s a good five or six people that surround you and start spraying you with hoses and squirting your hair, squirting your face.
Erik Stabenau (Stunt coordinator):: This scene is Annie’s character running up through the woods, hopping up over the cement. And she has a little interaction with the park ranger. He takes a bullet right off the bat.
Chase Kim (“Ranger Thompson”): We get an all-points bulletin (APB) looking for Renee Walker and I happen to stumble upon her running away. She tells me that the White House is under attack, and as I’m trying to be a hero and save the day, I get shot.
Erik Stabenau (Stunt coordinator):: Chase the actor did a great job. I put some body armor on him, [he] took a good hit, bounced off the grill of that SUV right there and just took it to the cement. So I was real happy with him.
Sterling Rush (Prop Master): In that last scene we just saw the character Laurent fire a “non-gun” . Now a non-gun is basically a gun that activates an electronic charge. The electronic charge is basically a nine volt battery hitting a diode. It fires up to eighteen rounds. And the idea is that the actor pulls the trigger and it goes through the whole sequence.
Annie Wersching: Later there is a big fight. Shovels and more guns and glass in peoples face. More fun! [Laughs]
Erik Stabenau (Stunt coordinator):: In a fight like this, actors are capable of doing the whole fight. It’s just a matter of how Brad wants to shoot it. She grabs a hold of a shovel and in a split second she does a spin move with a shovel. She’s going to whack the guy in the head with a rubber shovel sending him into the breakaway glass. He bounces back off of that and immediately she starts going at him.
Annie Wersching: I enjoy doing all the stunt stuff so I beg them to let me do as much as they’ll let me do.