24 Scenemakers: Season 7, Episode 5

January 20th, 2009 24 Season 7 Episode 5

Annie Wersching in “Scenemakers” behind the scenes video featurette. This one shows how they accomplished the burial scene in 24 Season 7 episode 5. Thanks to LiviaViolett for the video!


James Morrison: Agent Walker has been buried alive by Jack and Tony. And Jack lets us know where to find her to get to her in time and dig her up and revive her. Since we ran out of light, we had to come back and they recreated the scene on the sound stage. And we’ll do her side of it, plus different coverage.
Sterling Rush, Prop Master: We have a fake ditch we built, a model. Plasters came in and they actually took a concrete, made a little chicken wire setup here, we put our fake rocks in it and make it a little ditch.
Jon Cassar, Director/Exec Producer: Now what you guys are doing first, is, you’re gonna be in this position, Annie. And they’re gonna be throwing it all around you basically. Except your face. And then eventually we’ll do the face.
Sterling Rush: We have the actress with a breathing apparatus, underneath we have an air tube so when she’s covered in the plastic she’ll still be able to breath. What we have here is the peat moss with dirt mixed into it. We kinda filtered out all the big chunks of rocks and whatnot. See, that’s very fine, very light and fluffy. So when we throw it on the actress, hopefully it won’t hurt too bad.
Jon Cassar: Okay, virtually right on action you’re gonna be ripping it open.
Annie Wersching: It was heavy *laughs* a little heavy and then umm.. A few scary moments – breathing in the plastic. But it was kinda exciting, kinda fun. I like doing this kinda stuff! They wouldn’t let me do the actual stunt when we shot this on a construction site. I fought for it, but they wouldn’t. But I get to roll into this one so it’s cool.
Jon Cassar: Cut! That’s it, great. Great great.