2009 Star To Watch: 24’s Annie Wersching

Renee Walker 24 Season 7 cast photo

Anybody who caught Annie Wersching as General Hospital‘s Amelia — aka the producer who sought revenge against Kelly Monaco’s Sam by, um, making her a star (even for a soap, that one didn’t make much sense!) — could see that this woman’s star was on the rise. As 24‘s FBI agent Renee Walker, the wildly talented Wersching immediately eclipses pretty much everyone else on the screen, which ain’t an easy thing to do given the caliber of talent that show has on board. Better still, it looks like Wersching will be getting a whole lot of air time, as the show immediately makes her a reluctant sidekick to everybody’s favorite torturer, Jack Bauer. While we’re not overly impressed with what we’ve seen of the new season — which suffers from a major case of the “been there, done that” blues — Wersching is the kind of fresh blood that pumps new life into a series and keeps you comin’ back for more.

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