Misc Renee Walker Videos

Annie Wersching Network 24 1:24

Annie Wersching goofs off on 24 set

Annie Wersching and 24 co-star Mary Lynn Rajskub goof off and joke around on the CTU set in this “Network 24” video brought to you by Cisco.

Annie Wersching in Scenemakers - 24 Season 7 Episode 12 2:13

24 Scenemakers: Season 7, Episode 12

Annie Wersching appears in this “Scenemakers” behind the scenes video feature which discusses her chase in the Potomac River and her fight scene with Laurent Dubaku.

Annie Wersching 24 Scenemakers 7x05 2:11

24 Scenemakers: Season 7, Episode 5

Annie Wersching in “Scenemakers” behind the scenes video featurette. This one shows how they accomplished the burial scene in 24 Season 7 episode 5. Thanks to LiviaViolett for the video!