Renee Walker Gets Screwed Twice

April 12th, 2010 24 Season 8 Episode 17

After having sex with Jack Bauer, Renee Walker gets screwed again by being sniped. DAMN IT!


Jack Bauer: You okay?
Renee Walker: Perfect.
Jack Bauer: Promise?
Renee Walker: Mmm.
Jack Bauer: (laughs gently) I am so thirsty.
Renee Walker: Me, too.
Jack Bauer: Do you want me to get you something to drink?
Renee Walker: Sure.
Jack Bauer: Okay. (kisses Renee) I’ll be right back. Don’t move.
Renee Walker: (phone ringing) Jack, your cell’s ringing.
Jack Bauer: Don’t worry about it, let it go.
Renee Walker: (Renee sees Chloe O’Brian on the caller ID) Hello. Jack’s phone.
Chloe O’Brian: Renee, it’s Chloe. I need to talk to Jack.
Renee Walker: What’s wrong?
Chloe O’Brian: Samir Mehran is dead. I think he was assassinated.
Renee Walker: What do you mean, assassinated?
Chloe O’Brian: I ran a preliminary toxicology report. It showed traces of an unidentified toxin in his bloodstream. Someone must have injected him with it, probably at the scene.
Renee Walker: There was, there was an EMT there. He looked familiar. There was so much going on, I – I didn’t take much notice.
Chloe O’Brian: Familiar? From where?
Renee Walker: I need you to get my FBI case files. Get me everything you have on Red Square.
Chloe O’Brian: You think hew as from the Russian Mob?
Renee Walker: He looked like somebody who was with Vladimir Laitanan during the time I was under.
Chloe O’Brian: That was six years ago. Are you sure?
Renee Walker: Honestly, no. Just send me the case files, all the surveillance photos that were taken, and I’ll see if he’s in there.
Chloe O’Brian: Okay.
Renee Walker: Jack… you need to hear this. Samir… (glass breaking, thud)
Jack Bauer: Renee… Renee!
Chloe O’Brian: (still on phone) Renee?
Jack Bauer: Come on. Come on.
Renee Walker: (gasps, coughs) Jack.
Chloe O’Brian: Renee, are you there?
Renee Walker: Jack…
Jack Bauer: Don’t talk, I’m gonna get you to a hospital.
Chloe O’Brian: Did something happen?
Jack Bauer: (picks up phone) Who is this?
Chloe O’Brian: It’s Chloe.
Jack Bauer: Chloe, It’s Jack. Renee’s been hit by a sniper through the window of my apartment. We’re still taking fire. I need a trauma team at St. Andrew’s now. Hold on, stay with me. (picks up Renee) Come on. Let’s go.
Russian sniper Pavel Tokarev fires at Jack as he runs out of the apartment with Renee in his arms. Jack runs through the hallways into the hotel lobby
Jack Bauer: Keep everybody in the lobby. There’s a sniper outside. Call 911. Now! Move!
Pavel Tokarev tries to fire on Jack and Renee but he doesn’t have a clear line of sight. Jack runs into a taxi with Renee.
Jack Bauer: She’s been shot; we need to get to the hospital — St. Andrew’s Hospital, 22nd and Ninth.
Jack Bauer: Come on, you can make it. Wait… just wait… We’re gonna make it. We’re gonna make it, I promise. (to taxi driver) Do whatever you have to! We’ve got to get to the hospital now!
The cab driver goes on the opposite side of the road to pass traffic, weaving in and out of cars.
Jack Bauer: Come on, come on. I got you, I got you. You’ll be all right. We’re almost there.
Chloe O’Brian (on phone with St. Andrew’s hospital): There a few blocks from your hospital and should be there any minute. Please make sure she’s given priority care. Thank you. Arlo, pull up satellite. Isolate the areas between Eighth Avenue and West 18th Street.
Arlo Glass: What’s going on?
Chloe O’Brian: Renee Walker was just shot.
Arlo Glass: What?!
Chloe O’Brian: Just do what I asked! Jack said the sniper was positioned at his apartment at 1145 West 18th Street. Roll back the feed three minutes.
Arlo Glass: Is she gonna be okay?
Chloe O’Brian: He’s rushing her to the hospital now.
Arlo Glass: I don’t get it. Why would anyone wanna kill Renee?
Jack Bauer: Help! She’s been shot! There’s no exit wound!
Surgeon: We got a gunshot wound to the chest — let’s move! What’s her pulse?
Surgeon 2: 110, respiratory is still ragged.
Surgeon: Check her carotid.
Surgeon 2: BP is 80 over 50.
Surgeon 3: Right here.
Surgeon: What do we have?
Surgeon 3: Five is prepped.
Jack Bauer: We’re gonna take care of you.
Surgeon: O.R. five, let’s go.
Surgeon 3: How many gun shot wounds?
Surgeon: One in the chest.
Surgeon 2: (to Jack Bauer as they enter surgery room) Sir, you need to stay right here.
Surgeon 3: Is patient typing crossed?
Surgeon: No.
Surgeon 3: Call the blood banks, send up four units of O-negative.
Surgeon 2: Right away!
Surgeon: Come on, come on, come on!
Surgeon 3: Let’s go people!