Annie Wersching discusses her love of Billy Joel

February 19th, 2009

Annie Wersching from 24 discusses her love of Billy Joel and her former talent for playing the tin whistle! Annie was at the grand opening of the Aqua Mirage Casino in the desert city, where Billy performed.


Interviewer: Annie, what brings you out this evening?
Annie Wersching: Billy Joel!
Interviewer: Favorite Billy Joel tune? You got one?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, “Italian Restaurant”.
Interviewer: You know any of the lyrics to this?
Annie Wersching: It’s the one that starts slow and then gets faster.. it starts with like “Bottle of red, bottle of white…”
Interviewer: Which brings me to the next question: bottle of red or bottle of white? Which is it for you, red or white?
Annie Wersching: Well, unfortunately it’s like bottle of pink.. it’s like white zin *laughs*

Interviewer: Is this the first time that you’ve seen Mr. Joel in concert?
Annie Wersching: Yes, it is, yeah. I’m so excited.
Interviewer: You came all the way from LA for this show?
Annie Wersching: I sat in the rush hour traffic, tried to leave earlier, didn’t happen.

Interviewer: Did you play a musical instrument in your youth?
Annie Wersching: I actually played the tin whistle, which is the Irish flute.. I was an irish dancer growing up so I played the Irish whistle.
Interviewer: Was there a lot of money in tin whistling?
Annie Wersching: There really isn’t I discovered! *laughs*

Interviewer: Are you a gambler at all?
Annie Wersching: I’m a little bit of a gambler. Slots, blackjack, and a little bit of roulette. But on roulette I only really do black or red, I know, it’s totally lame! *laughs*

Interviewer: So I’ve gotta ask you. If Billy Joel flagged you down in the audience, a la Courtney Cox, Bruce Springsteen dancing, and he brings you up on stage. And you’ve gotta sing one song with Billy Joel…
Annie Wersching: Wow. I guess you’d have to go “Piano Man”, just cause it’s such a classic.
Interviewer: I think the chances are high it’s going to happen this evening.
Annie Wersching: I don’t think so. I think the crowd would boo! *laughs*