Annie Wersching on Billy Madison Show

January 8th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching is interviewed on The Billy Madison Show on January 8th 2009. She’s asked about what it’s like working with co-star Kiefer Sutherland, how big of a fan she is, if she was nervous, and more.


The Billy Madison Show: Usually we only get to talk to celebrities on the phone, cause that’s the type of show we have, it’s a real low-low-low-grade show. So I thought, we’re gonna have this celebrity in the studio. So I’m driving home from Tulsa and I hear her in Tulsa first. Tulsa got her before we did? Yeah, that’s how low on the radio totem pole, we are that low. But it’s good that she’s here, her name is Annie Wersching, she’s on the show 24 and the season premiere is gonna be this weekend, Sunday and Monday, the four hour premiere. And this is your first season on the show, correct?
Annie Wersching: Yes, first season on the show. Been shooting it for a while but yeah, first.
The Billy Madison Show: Okay. My first question, is alcohol allowed on the set?
Annie Wersching: Uh, no… Frowned upon *laughs*
The Billy Madison Show: No? I didn’t think so. Do you guys have a ritual when you’re done shooting an episode?
Annie Wersching: Uh.. No, just …
The Billy Madison Show: We need to work on that right? We need to come up with some sort of ritual. This episode, this hour of the show is done – SHOT!
Annie Wersching: Yeah, that’s what I would do!
The Billy Madison Show: See that would be fun. Or maybe you could just do pop right? Drink some pop at the end of each episode? Maybe say a prayer. Kiefer [Sutherland]‘s probably ruined everything – nah, how cool is that guy?
Annie Wersching: He’s very very cool. We’ve had a great time, he’s really really into the show and very dedicated, and it’s been a lot of fun.
The Billy Madison Show: How excited were you to get on this show, there is such a cult following with this television show.
Annie Wersching: Oh, I was one of the biggest fans of the show. I’ve seen every episode of every season as it’s aired on TV. Not renting the DVD or anything, so needless to say it’s still surreal even a year and a half later.
The Billy Madison Show: It’s like movie production on television.
Annie Wersching: Oh yeah.
The Billy Madison Show: Movie quality. And your character’s what?
Annie Wersching: I play FBI Special Agent Renee Walker. I’m second in command at the DC unit headquarters. I pull Jack Bauer out of the Senate Hearing that he’s in to come help us with the particular national security crisis of the day and then we’re paired up sort of as partners throughout the season… Kick some ass today! *laughs*
The Billy Madison Show: She’s like brand new and she didn’t even need a promotion! She’s like right at the top. Hanging out with him all the time. Wow! She’s not like a bottom-feeder at CTU or something. Were you nervous, do you have a ritual to kill the nerves so that you can just get right into it? You’re there, you’re on one of the biggest shows on television.
Annie Wersching: No, the nerves were still there. Nothing I did, but I was just really nervous at first. But they’re so welcoming on that show, they’ve all been together for seven years. The crew, everybody, they’re all total family together.