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March 27th, 2013 Touch

Annie Wersching was interviewed about her reunion with former 24 co-star Kiefer Sutherland on MyFOXLA.


myFOXLA: The FOX series Touch is one of the most addicting shows on TV – just ask me. Especially if you’re drawn to mysteries of how humans are all connected. Well this season the shows star Kiefer Sutherland is reconnected you might say with his co-star from his last series, 24. Here he is once again with Annie Wersching. (Clip of Annie Wersching’s appearance plays) Do you have the answer? Like what? (Annie Wersching laughs)
myFOXLA: Here she is everybody, playing the role of Dr. Kate Gordon, Annie Wersching. Oh get your hand off your belly, you think everybody notices? Annie is in production (pregnant).
Annie Wersching: Yes, it’s not a beer gut! (smiles)
myFOXLA: Your second child, right?
Annie Wersching: Yes, yes.
myFOXLA: You’ve had a boy, right? Let’s just get this out of the way, you won’t, you’re not gonna say what you’ll have next.
Annie Wersching: I know. But I have a two and a half year old boy. Hi, Freddie! (waves at camera)
myFOXLA: There you go. So with that out of the way, congratulations by the way.
Annie Wersching: Thank you!
myFOXLA: What is this strange for you? You’re playing a different character, he’s playing a different character, and you meet on TV again.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, like shaking his hand and introducing ourselves, very very strange! We’d break into a 24 scene here and there just for old times sake.
myFOXLA: And here he is with Maria Bello (clip from TOUCH plays). She better watch out for you by the way, cause the chemistry you have with Kiefer Sutherland in 24 was really, really good!
Annie Wersching: Thank you.
myFOXLA: How was it when you reunited on the show Touch?
Annie Wersching: It was fun! It was good, you know, I wasn’t sure if it was just Renee Walker and Jack Bauer were like the cool ones, and they had the chemistry, or if Kiefer and I had anything else going on. And I think we did pretty good at trying new characters out.
myFOXLA: And now this is also interesting, because Touch itself has changed a little bit. Last season it was totally a cerebral show, this season there’s a lot more action. Kiefer’s character is starting to beat on people again.
Annie Wersching: *Laughs* Yes!
myFOXLA: So did you see a little [Jack] Bauer coming out of him?
Annie Wersching: Yeah a little bit. And my particular episode on Friday is called Clockwork. We were in a race against time because this man – my father – is about to be executed. So there was a definitely a “race against the clock” element to this particular episode that was very similar to 24.
myFOXLA: And we should tell everybody that this really has a lot to do with the divine proportion, the golden equation, the divine equation. Have you ever heard of any of that before you were on the show?
Annie Wersching: No. Laughs.
myFOXLA: How can you? Not to embarrass you, have you ever watched the show before you were on it?
Annie Wersching: I had, I had. Yes yes.
myFOXLA: But it really is kind of an interesting premise, isn’t it? That we’re all connected through this divine proportion and this little boy has the key. And your characters father has the key.
Annie Wersching: Yes, he’s one of the thirty-six –
myFOXLA: Which is one of the numbers of the divine proportion.
Annie Wersching: Yes.
myFOXLA: Yeah, exactly, exactly. All right, so now will you only be on, you’re coming on this Friday an d we’ll make sure to remind all of you about that. Is this your one and only segment?
Annie Wersching: For now, it’s my one and only. But she’s a child psychologist, so there’s definitely an opportunity that she could potentially go on [again].
myFOXLA: Once the due date is past and you’ve finished production of your second child, you’d be open to coming back on?
Annie Wersching: Absolutely, absolutely.
myFOXLA: My executive producer just reminded me. I’m a Pisces, you’re an Aries – your birthday is tomorrow right?
Annie Wersching: It is!
myFOXLA: Happy Birthday Annie Wersching!
Annie Wersching: Thank you so much!
myFOXLA: It is amazing, you were born the year I graduated from high school.
Annie Wersching: Oh my goodness.
myFOXLA: Yeah I know, make me feel old! (Annie laughs). Everyone make sure to catch the episode of Touch with Annie Wersching at 9 o’clock.

Source MyFOXLA