Annie Wersching on Bonnie Hunt Show

April 8th, 2010

Annie Wersching appeared on The Bonnie Hunt Show and discussed her dog, her pregnancy. Her mother Sandy Wersching was also in the audience and fun times were had!


Bonnie Hunt: Annie you look stunning!
Annie Wersching: Thank you!
Bonnie Hunt: How are you feeling? It’s your first baby, right?
Annie Wersching: Yeah. Very first pregnancy, it’s interesting.
Bonnie Hunt: Is it? I’ve never had any children, so… Yet. Is there any big changes in you, is it all about the appetite, that kinda stuff?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, I don’t have crazy cravings necessarily, just the amount of food is really kinda shocking. I just can’t believe how much I can eat! A lot of ice cream, I ate ice cream before, but now I eat like a gallon of ice cream. Which gets kinda surprising.
Bonnie Hunt: But you eat it with joy, you’re not worried.
Annie Wersching: Yeah! It’s delicious!
Bonnie Hunt: Total abandon.
Annie Wersching: Yeah.
Bonnie Hunt: What about your emotions? Is there any like change in…
Annie Wersching: Yeah, I was already sort of a crying at commercials type. I’m embarrassed to say that as Renee Walker, but..
Bonnie Hunt: I know, cause you are really… The instant you walked out here, cause we never met before, compared to your character [Renee Walker] there’s an instant warmth about you. It’s nice to see.
Annie Wersching: Aww… Thank you.
Bonnie Hunt: I mean, not that you’re not great in the show, cause you’re so good. It’s convincing that you’d be a cold fish.
Annie Wersching: Different, yeah! *laughs* But no, recently on my birthday, my husband and I were having dinner at Malibu and there was all the fisherman and they had a huge shark on the line that they were trying to catch and reel in. Everyone was looking and.. I saw that they had some other ropes and some knives for maybe when they got it up and I was like.. I need to go sit down and when my husband turned around, all of a sudden I was sunglasses on, iPod, and I was bawling.
Bonnie Hunt: Cause you’re worried about the fish..
Annie Wersching: Cause I was really worried about the shark. But he got away, he got away.
Bonnie Hunt: Oh good.
Annie Wersching: Things like that, things like that, just throw me off a little….
Bonnie Hunt: I would be crying at that anyway. Well it must be kinda nice cause you’re close with your mom.
Annie Wersching: Very.
Bonnie Hunt: And you’re an only child.
Annie Wersching: Yes.
Bonnie Hunt: This is your first grand-baby. Your mom’s here, right?
Annie Wersching: Yes. *Annie waves to audience*
Bonnie Hunt: *camera pans to Sandy Wersching* Oh there’s mom. Hi mom! We’re gonna show your mom in a recent interview. I don’t wanna put you on the spot, but I know you must be very proud of her obviously.
Sandy Wersching: I am very proud of her.
Bonnie Hunt: And excited for the first grand-baby.
Sandy Wersching: Yes.
Bonnie Hunt: Are you hoping for a boy or girl? Do you already know?
Sandy Wersching: It’s a– it’s gonna– Can I say? *Annie shakes head*
Bonnie Hunt: Uh oh! *audience laughs* Well you wanna keep that, well as long as you know grandma that’s all that matters. How exciting, cause you live in the same home?
Annie Wersching: Yes, and she lives in our guest house, yeah.
Bonnie Hunt: How great is that? And this is what I read, your mom writes like little notes to you and actually sends them. Can you tell the audience? I love this story.
Annie Wersching: Yeah. We get mail, addressed to “mom and dad” and it’s signed from the baby. And she’s mailed it; she could just put it in my mailbox, but she puts a stamp on it and sends it out. Isn’t that so cute?
Bonnie Hunt: I love that! That is a great.. This kid is in for a high class grandma! Really, this is gonna be a good life I have a feeling. Now I was tentative to go to your mom because much like my own mom, earliest in my career especially… So we’re gonna set this up. You and your mom were at the Chinese New Year. And your mom, unexpectedly, this guy starts interviewing her.
Annie Wersching: Well they sorta prefaced it and said “We’re gonna ask your mom if she always knew you were gonna be famous” and I said, “Oh mom don’t say anything, I don’t wanna be known as a little girl who just wanted to be famous” or anything like that. So I think I got in her head a little bit. So then when he went to interview her, she acted like she never met me before! *laughs*
Bonnie Hunt: I laughed so hard when I saw this. Okay, here’s your mom Sandy with you at the Chinese New Year interview. Here we go, this is classic. *clip plays* I know exactly what happened! I so know what happened Annie! You’re like “Mom don’t say I was some kid who just wanted to be famous, cause I’m an actor and this is a skill that I really wanted to be part of… Stories and stuff, not about fame” and she’s like “Oh, I don’t what to say now!” and then it’s like “Here’s the microphone. I don’t know anything!” and you completely abandon her and go “What’s her problem?!” *laughs*
Annie Wersching: I just found her here in San Francisco, I dunno! *laughs*
Bonnie Hunt: Mom, Sandy, have you laughed at that?
Sandy Wersching: Uh, now I’m laughing at it! *laughs*
Bonnie Hunt: I know, because the fact of the matter is that your mom has her own image to worry about. But you know what, this is the real love between a parent and a child. Because she was like “I don’t wanna say anything wrong, so I don’t know nothing!”
Annie Wersching: She swears that I was elbowing her, which I don’t think I was doing.
Bonnie Hunt: I’m sorry but I just got such a kick out of that.
Annie Wersching: Me too!
Bonnie Hunt: You were a performer as a kid. You were doing Irish dancing?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, Irish dancing and tap dancing and…
Bonnie Hunt: Where do I have that picture… I know cause I love this. Oh there you are, we have video. I thought we just had.. No no, go ahead, play it Ann. Yeah. Look how perfect you are!
Annie Wersching: Wow.
Bonnie Hunt: Strange, you’re the only one with a spotlight. *audience laughs*
Annie Wersching: I like that!
Bonnie Hunt: I love this picture.
Annie Wersching: Aww yeah.
Bonnie Hunt: You remember that little doggy?
Annie Wersching: That’s Sparkle.
Bonnie Hunt: So you grew up with a love for animals because your mother…
Annie Wersching: Oh definitely.
Bonnie Hunt: *points to gargoyle in picture* Who the heck is this guy? Okay, if that were my yard as a kid I would be convinced it’d get up in the middle of the night and come and talk to me. *shows another picture of Annie as a child* Alright please, what the heck is happening here?
Annie Wersching: Oh… Yeah!
Bonnie Hunt: You are dressed as the cabbage patch doll that you’re holding!
Annie Wersching: No, the cabbage patch is dressed as me!
Bonnie Hunt: Oh, I’m sorry! I got that wrong! *laughs* I thought you’re dressed as the doll!
Annie Wersching: No, it’s dressed as me! *laughs*
Bonnie Hunt: Well who made these up? Sandy? Did you…
Sandy Wersching: I didn’t do that!
Bonnie Hunt: Oh, she knows nothing I forgot!
Annie Wersching: No, this was my grandma. I would spend one night a week at my grandparents and my grandma got me into tap dancing. This was to, it was a number. It was Oh You Great Big Beautiful Doll. We had matching..
Bonnie Hunt: Oh, wow. That’s nice. Gosh, that’s what, a year ago right?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, totally. *laughs*
Bonnie Hunt: Ah, that’s classic. And I just wanna talk about your dog really quick too. Cause you know we’re dog lovers and we saw your little doggy there. Alright, it’s a heart breaker.
Annie Wersching: That’s my baby girl.
Bonnie Hunt: How did this dog come into your life? And this dog’s name is Sandy.
Annie Wersching: Yes, the dogs name is Sandy.
Bonnie Hunt: You named the dog after your mom, that is so…
Annie Wersching: No, no I did not! *laughs* I actually found her, I had just graduated from college… with ten little boys harassing her and I followed them and I said “Is that your dog?” and they kinda held her up by one leg and said “No, ya want her?” and uh.. I was like “This is so weird, it’s straight out of the movie Annie“. Like she finds Sandy being harassed with tin cans and stuff, and I was like “I think I have to name this dog Sandy even though it’s my moms name.” *laughs* That’s my first-born, my baby girl.
Bonnie Hunt: Aww, that is so beautiful. Well, I’m just so happy you’re having a baby, cause you love animals you love your mom, and I think this is all goodness. More goodness coming into your life Annie.
Annie Wersching: Thank you, thank you so much.
Bonnie Hunt: And you’re a great actress as well Annie. Thanks so much. We’ll be right back. Oh, 24 airs Monday night on FOX.