Annie Wersching and Stephen Full FOX23 Interview

January 6th, 2012 Blue-Eyed Butcher

What better way to kick off 2012 than with a new video interview? Annie Wersching (with a sexy short new hairdo) and her husband Stephen Full stopped by FOX23’s Great Day Green Country for a chat. Annie announced her next role – an upcoming Lifetime movie called “Killing Mr. Wright” which also stars Lisa Edelstein and Sara Paxton. There’s no air date just yet as it just finished filming mid-December, but stay tuned for more info. Stephen also reveals his next role – a Disney Channel comedy pilot titled “Dog With a Blog”.


KC Lupp: Some great friends of mine are in town. You’re gonna recognize him from Disney XD, her from General Hospital and the last two seasons of 24. She got killed on 24
Lacey Lett: Oww! Not only working actors in Hollywood, but husband and wife – and new parents! The kid was in the back I think. Stephen Full and Annie Wersching are here – thank you so much for coming in.
Stephen Full: It’s good to be here.
KC Lupp: I know, you fit right in. It’s so fun to have you guys come through on the holidays. I know you got really busy with hollywood stuff and doing TV shows.
Stephen Full: Oh yeah, it’s non-stop.
KC Lupp: Let’s start with Steve. Have you seen I’m in the Band yet?
Lacey Lett: I saw clips from I’m In The Band.
Stephen Full: Clips? Wait a minute!
Lacey Lett: I don’t have Disney XD, I’m sorry! (laughs)
KC Lupp: He’s on Disney XD on I’m In The Band. He plays Ash in Iron Weasel. Tell us about Iron Weasel.
Stephen Full: Iron Weasel is a fictions legendary 80′s rock band that hits the skids. Squanders a lot of cash with excess and shenanigans.
KC Lupp: I love the shenanigans.
Stephen Full: We all love shenanigans.
Annie Wersching: Tomfoolery.
Stephen Full: Tomfoolery. They end up living in their band van for seven years, and they hire a sixteen year old guitarist. Turn his house upside down, the mom disappears, and the rest is history.
KC Lupp: We got a clip – let’s watch it. (clip plays) Now Steve plays Ash, and you’ve got a new show coming out that we’ll talk about in just a second. But first let’s move on to Annie. General Hospital, you were on Hawaii Five-0 a little while ago. You’ve done a lot of different things.
Lacey Lett: Cold Case… So 24 is one of the big ones I would have to say, that I always watch. So sad that it’s gone.
Stephen Full: I know!
Lacey Lett: So yeah, talk a little about your role on that show.
Annie Wersching: Uh, Renee Walker. Coolest role ever!
KC Lupp: I know, right?
Lacey Lett: Love interest…
Annie Wersching: Yeah, female Jack Bauer and she unfortunately bit the dust like the rest of Jack’s partners and loves. But it was amazing – role of a lifetime, dream role. It was awesome.
KC Lupp: I think we have a clip of this too. Let’s watch FBI Agent Renee Walker. (clip plays)
Lacey Lett: She showed him what’s up!
KC Lupp: Wow, that was so awesome. And it was weird, I remember you guys coming through here one time and you couldn’t talk about it. Everyone was asking you on all these talk shows and she was dead on the show already, but we didn’t know it.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, for months.
Stephen Full: We didn’t tell anybody.
Annie Wersching: For months, I wouldn’t tell most of my friends and family.
Stephen Full: We threw a big party, we thought that would be a nice wrap up for the series. Invited everyone over, and no one knew she was going to die. And then she dies and everyone is like, this is the worst idea for a party ever. She went in the bedroom and cried.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, I cried again. I cried when I found out, I cried when I was shot it, I cried when..
Stephen Full: No more parties when you die on a television program.
Annie Wersching: Yeah (laughs)
Lacey Lett: My question, you guys went from Chicago to LA. How long did it take to start getting roles. I went out to New York and I left probably too early, but you know.. I don’t know how long you have to wait to get a role of the lifetime type thing.
Stephen Full: You wait and you wait – some people are still waiting. Um, you never know. It took us a few years to really get grounded out there.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, you start slowly building things. You know, smaller things lead to bigger things.
Stephen Full: You start with literally student films and small low-budget films and you get a guest-appearance on a TV show and it probably goes from there. If you get really lucky. We’ve been really really fortunate.
KC Lupp: And you guys are obviously married for a while. And you have a child which has gotta be tough as hollywood actors. What’s next before we wrap up this interview. [Annie] you have a Lifetime movie coming out.
Annie Wersching: A Lifetime movie called Killing Mr. Wright is coming out. I don’t know when it’s airing yet, but that should be good times.
KC Lupp: And [Stephen] you have a new series on Disney.
Stephen Full: I did a pilot called “Dog With a Blog” – it’s a family sitcom live action. A dog talks and blogs! With a computer. What more do you need to know? It sells itself KC!
KC Lupp: Can’t wait. It really does, I’m in. Can I invest in that show?
Lacey Lett: And I’m in for any wine you guys wanna have tonight.
Stephen Full: Plenty of it apparently.
KC Lupp: Real quick before we end it – there was a special guest-star in I’m In The Band, check this out. I think we have a picture of it. Who’s that guy? There’s me on I’m In The Band.
Stephen Full: I get emotional just seeing your work. I said I wasn’t going to cry. (laughs)
KC Lupp: Thanks for coming out you guys. And we’ll have a little more wine tonight as we celebrate your visit to Tulsa.
Stephen Full: In a couple more minutes.
Lacey Lett: I’ll be there!