Annie Wersching Returns to Hollywood 411

April 27th, 2009 24

24 star Annie Wersching returns to Hollywood 411 to keep us up on all of the double crosses, plot twists and conundrums that happen hourly on the hit FOX show. Annie also lets us know what storylines didn’t make it to the screen.


Chris Harrison: The adrenaline level soars, the 24 clock ticks down. Jack Bauer’s trying to save us all from the turncoat Tony Almeida. Or is he? We’ll find out. Meanwhile, Agent Renee Walker just got promoted. But is that really a good thing at the FBI? We’ll ask her. Because joining me right now is Annie Wersching who plays Agent Renee Walker. Alright, you came at the top of the season, but I had to have you back, because we couldn’t talk about anything. Now I know, and I got a million questions!
Annie Wersching: Yeah? Whatcha got?
Chris Harrison: Let’s jump right into this. Okay, last episode we saw, Tony Almeida has turned to the dark side of the force. Killed, killed Agent Moss – your boss, and maybe a little bit more? Let’s start there.
Annie Wersching: What is with that guy, right? Tony? He was bad, and then he was good, and now everyone’s finally trusted him again and now he’s just…
Chris Harrison: But fans say the harm he’s done now, you always though “Okay there’s a greater good out there”. Now it seems like, he just blew up half the FBI, he killed Larry Moss by putting his hand over him and suffocating him. It seems like he can’t come back from this, can he?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, it’s hard because I was a fan of the show, and I’m trying to figure out what I would actually feel if I wasn’t on the show. Knowing more stuff that you find out…
Chris Harrison: We hate him now.
Annie Wersching: We do kinda hate him.
Chris Harrison: Can he come back from this?
Annie Wersching: You know, once you see a little bit more of the reasons and you see episode 24, I think people will be like “Awww..”
Chris Harrison: He just killed like twelve FBI agents! He said “Get as many FBI agents in this building and blow em up”!
Annie Wersching: It’s true, it’s true. Including me. Wait a minute! *laughs*
Chris Harrison: Yeah, and you did escape. But your boss Larry Moss was killed. Interesting relationship between your character Renee, and Larry.
Annie Wersching: Yes.
Chris Harrison: And you even had this little throwaway line in the last episode, “Someone should call his ex-wife but it shouldn’t be me”. What did that mean?
Annie Wersching: Yeah. Yeah. I kinda resent the implications that the writers threw in about that little relationship there.
Chris Harrison: You’re a little FBI slut, aren’t you?
Annie Wersching: Hey! I’m gonna make up my own answer.
Chris Harrison: Ok, what’s that?
Annie Wersching: Maybe Renee, I believe that Renee was kinda the one that got away for Larry. And then he tried to move on, he tried to get married but could just never get over Renee and his wife was pissed, and… Can I say pissed?
Chris Harrison: Yes. I just called you an FBI slut, so you can say “pissed”. *laughs*
Annie Wersching: And so that’s the situation. I don’t think, I don’t want her to be damaged, her character to be damaged. So I’m pretending that.
Chris Harrison: So now Renee Walker and her ninety-year-old bandaid. You’ve gotta be tired of wearing the bandaid where you got shot in episode 1, right?
Annie Wersching: Yes, yes.
Chris Harrison: Cause it’s just kinda getting old and brown and crusty.
Annie Wersching: It is.
Chris Harrison: You are now the head of FBI. You have taken over. You and Jack Bauer seem to be working together. But Jack Bauer seems to be dying.
Annie Wersching: He does seem to be dying. He’s doing some twitching and some sweating, and can’t form sentences, and forgetting what he’s saying. You know, it’s funny, because the Tony thing ends up bringing Jack and Renee together. They go after Tony together.
Chris Harrison: I still see this relationship building between you and Jack Bauer. I’m just not sure if it’s brother/sister, or is there more than that? Cause I’ve heard there was a scene eliminated that would’ve taken us there, but it was pulled out.
Annie Wersching: There was, it was pulled out.
Chris Harrison: Um, it was episode 10 where I slap him in the hospital cause he’s been a bad, bad boy. We were supposed to maybe kiss at the end of that, and it just seemed a little cliché.
Chris Harrison: So now we’re still left wondering is there that relationship.
Annie Wersching: We’re still left wondering.
Chris Harrison: Also something we were given a little sneak peek at, you brought Jack Bauer’s daughter in thinking that the Stem cell research thing could save him. She didn’t tell Jack about that he’s a grandfather, she has a son. But there was a different shot where you did tell the story and it was taken out.
Annie Wersching: There was, the scene where Jack and Kim are finally talking, she has a little picture of little Teri Bauer and she shows him and this whole thing… It was actually Howard Gordon’s son [in the picture]. And they took it out. I didn’t know it until I watched the show air on TV, but it’s kinda interesting the audience knowing that he has a grandchild and him not knowing.
Chris Harrison: I’m gonna go out on a limb, I don’t know the ending, but I’m guessing Jack Bauer doesn’t die next week. Cause we need him. At some point she has to come back and save him, and he’s okay. And he’s gonna quit twitching all the time.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, she’s definitely involved and she’s much more mature this season, and she gets to kinda go out on her own and do her own stuff. And yeah.
Chris Harrison: I can’t believe that we’re out of time. I have like another hour, I didn’t even get to the fact that you went to the Britney Spears concert yet!
Annie Wersching: Okay *laughs*
Chris Harrison: You have to come back. Please do. Annie Wersching, thank you so much for giving us a little light on this great show. It’s been a phenomenal season of 24. You can see it Mondays at 9/8 central on FOX. Jump on board.