Annie Wersching shares her July 4th plans

Julie asked Annie Wersching, (General Hospital‘s Amelia Joffe) how she planned on spending the 4th of July, if she has a favorite 4th of July memory she cared to share, and if General Hospital does anything special to celebrate Independence Day.

My plans for the 4th of July are actually to spend a week in Disneyworld!!!! I know… crazy! It’s going to be so crowded and hot! But yet… it is the happiest place on earth 🙂 It’s a family vacation/40 year wedding anniversary! (Yay!)”

My favorite 4th of July is just growing up in St. Louis and going to what was then called the ‘ V.P. Fair’… the big celebration down under the arch… I have great memories of being there with my mom and dad and grandma and grandpa…and there are no fireworks more amazing than the ones over the Mississippi River reflecting off the arch while you lay beneath!

GH doesn’t do anything special that I know of…except give us most of the week off! Maybe there are secret 4th of July parties that you are only privy to once you sign that contract! 🙂 Hope you have a great holiday!”

Well we know that Annie will have a great holiday with her family, Goofy and Snow White!


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