Annie Wersching on FOX & Friends

January 17th, 2010

Annie Wersching previews the next season of 24 to FOX and Friends.


FOX & Friends: Welcome back here to FOX and Friends. As FBI Agent Renee Walker, she played a major role in saving Jack Bauer on 24 last season, now actress Annie Wersching is back for the new seasons show which premieres tonight. Two hour premiere and she’s delivering an unexpected surprise twist. It should be a very intriguing season.
Annie Wersching: Yes.
FOX & Friends: Some say it could be the last. We don’t wanna put you on the spot, but I do have to put you on the spot about Jack Bauer, about Kiefer Sutherland, one of TV’s tough guys. Before we get into 24, he shows up in a dress on David Letterman? If we have that video tape which is absolutely priceless… Can you believe this, what do you think of Jack Bauer doing that?
Annie Wersching: I think it’s unfortunate, I wish that he would’ve wore a better dress. It’s a hospital gown/thrift store grandma thing happening. I guess he lost a bet about the Patriots, it fell through, so I think that’s kinda cool, but…
FOX & Friends: Will you ever see him in the same way after that?
Annie Wersching: I don’t know. I’m happy that he went combat boots and not pantyhose.
FOX & Friends: He didn’t shave his legs for that though.
Annie Wersching: That would’ve been a little bit worse.
FOX & Friends: We always try to pull some nuggets and some tidbits about what this upcoming season has to offer. Usually, some tight-lipped stuff. But you’ve offered some secrets up to us this morning. Do you have a little nugget you could share with us this morning? Your character maybe takes on a little bit of a different role perhaps? A dark side, right?
Annie Wersching: She does, she does. She’s very similar to how she ended last season and she’s a little out of control and a wildcard…
FOX & Friends: Can I say what TV Guide called you in this? They called you “Rambo on Red Bull” in this season.
Annie Wersching: They did?!
FOX & Friends: How do you feel about that description, is that right?
Annie Wersching: Wow! I think I might like that.
FOX & Friends: Yeah, it’s a little feisty.
Annie Wersching: Yeah!
Well it’s here in New York which is different, how does that change the show for the loyal fans out there?
Annie Wersching: New York is such a great city and such a great energy that’s very similar to our show, very fast-paced and it’s got a grittiness to it that really kinda adds some new stuff.
FOX & Friends: What’s gonna happen on the season premiere that we should tune in for?
Annie Wersching: A lot happens. Like you said, my character in particular is very messed up, a little dark… And Jack kinda has to keep an eye on her. She goes undercover with the Russian mob
FOX & Friends: And Jack is presumably in retirement?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, he’s in a good place!
FOX & Friends: Of course. And then suddenly something’s gotta come along and pull him, just when he think’s he’s out they pull him back in.
Annie Wersching: *joking* Yes! I hate when that happens, it always happens.
FOX & Friends: Will you stick around with us and join us for our After the Show Show coming up in just a little bit?
Annie Wersching: Sure!
FOX & Friends: Alright, we’re gonna talk more 24 coming up in just a little bit.