Annie Wersching on FOX 2 News St Louis

January 11th, 2009 24

Annie Wersching is interviewed by Summer Knowles of FOX 2 News at the Tivoli theater, where she is holding a special 24 Season 7 premiere for her old friends and fans.


The hit FOX show 24 kicked off it’s seventh season tonight with a St. Louis native in a starring role. FOX News Summer Knowles is with the hometown girl as she celebrated her new role.

Summer Knowles: Well this hometown girl is back in St. Louis tonight. She says St. Louis is where she began her journey to Hollywood, and St. Louis is where she wanted to celebrate her success. [Annie Wersching voiceover: This is such a huge deal for me]. Hollywood actress and St. Louis native Annie Wersching at the Tivoli theater for the premiere of season 7 of the FOX hit 24 – and with her, more than two hundred people all family, friends, and fans.
Annie Wersching: Friends of my dad back when he was teaching, my mom had a flower shop in St. Louis for thirty-five years so it’s every customer and student she ever had…
Sandy Wersching (Annie’s mother): These are all the people that’ve touched her life. It means so much to us for them to be here and be part of this moment.
Lisa Spicer (friend/fan): I’m proud, but I’m not surprised at all – she was destined to be a success.
Ed Spicer (friend/fan): Pretty exciting that she’s doing this. I think coming back to St. Louis to just have a premiere is fantastic.
Summer Knowles: The infamous question here at St. Louis – what high school are you from?
Annie Wersching: I went to Crossroads High School.
Summer Knowles: And the Crossroads graduate is playing this seasons FBI Agent, Renee Walker. Are you a love interest?
Annie Wersching: You’ll have to see.. I pull Jack Bauer out of a Senate Hearing and we’re sorta partners out in the field. So it gets interesting!
Summer Knowles Also interesting, how Wersching finagled an on-set behind the scenes shout-out to St. Louis [brief clips of Annie Wersching and Kiefer Sutherland play]. And St. Louis fans couldn’t agree more.
Fan: I’ve been a viewer in the past, and I think with Annie it’s just gonna be better.
Summer Knowles: Now if you missed Annie Wersching tonight, you’ll be able to see her tomorrow on FOX 2 News in the morning. From the Tivoli theater, Summer Knowles, FOX 2 News.