Annie Wersching at New Year Parade

February 27th, 2010

Annie Wersching of Fox’s TV show 24 speaks to reporter Robert Handa at the 2010 Chinese New Year Parade on Feb. 27, 2010 in San Francisco. Also check out some pictures of Annie Wersching at the event.


We have another special guest tonight, you know her as FBI Agent Renee Walker on the hit FOX show 24, Annie Wersching! Robert, is she enjoying the parade so far?

Robert Handa: She seems to be, she’s been enjoying herself from the time I’ve been here. I’m no Jack Bauer, but I do get to talk to Annie Wersching, star of 24. Thank you for being here!
Annie Wersching: Yeah, thanks for having me! It’s great.
Robert Handa: This is kind of a relatively new experience for you, right?
Annie Wersching: I’ve actually Irish danced on a lot of floats in St. Patrick’s Day Parades – but this is my first Chinese New Years Parade. It’s really fun!
Robert Handa: You get to start with the best, huh?
Annie Wersching: Yes! *laughs*
Robert Handa: What do you think about it, a night time parade like this?
Annie Wersching: I know, it’s very strange. But it’s amazing – all the colors and it’s all lit up perfectly, and a lot of fireworks.
Robert Handa: As a Celtic dancer you didn’t have to deal with a lot of fireworks, right?
Annie Wersching: No, just a lot of coals and little dresses *laughs*
Robert Handa: Now she is here with her mother Sandy. Sandy, welcome!
Sandy Wersching: Thank you very much!
Robert Handa: Did you know that she was going to be as famous as this and be interviewed by me on parade coverage?
Sandy Wersching: I didn’t know that.
Robert Handa: When did you first notice the stardom coming out?
Sandy Wersching: Uhh… I don’t know that either! *laughs*
Robert Handa: Well, in that case, I think I heard that you were the star of Cats, right?
Annie Wersching: I think fourth grade, yeah. Well I wouldn’t say I was a star – but I was in Cats in fourth grade, which is rather ambitious I think for a fourth-grader.
Robert Handa: Absolutely. She goes from Cats to tigers! So we thank the Wersching family for joining us here at the Chinese New Years Parade, and enjoy the rest of the show!
Annie Wersching: Thank you! *waves*