Annie Wersching 97.5 KMOD radio interview

Here’s Annie Wersching’s radio interview on 97.5 KMOD (Tulsa’s Rock Station) today. She is once again asked about the “Annie on Ellen Show” fan campaign, a few 24 questions, her pregnancy, and more.


KMOD: We’ll also be talking to another friend of mine that is on that little show on FOX on Monday nights 24, Annie Wersching will be joining us. She plays Renee Walker, also known as “Jacqueline Bauer”, or my favorite “Rack Bauer”, so Annie is coming up. I know that music. All right on the line, the one and only Renee Walker, Annie Wersching from Hollywood.
Annie Wersching: Hey.
KMOD: It’s so good to have you back on the show. It’s been too long.
Annie Wersching: I know, thanks for having me.
KMOD: Well you know, you’ve been on all these other shows like oh I don’t know, Kevin and Bean, and every FOX station around the world, and G4, you’ve been on every TV station, thank you for taking time out for our little Tulsa, Oklahoma radio program.
Annie Wersching: Of course, this is the ultimate number one.
KMOD: There you go, thank you, and you’ve got to visit Bristow again soon because it’s beautiful in the spring.
Annie Wersching: I know, I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen it in the spring. I usually see it in the winter.
KMOD: That’s true. Hey Renee Walker makes the big comeback last Monday night. Dude, you have got the most badass entrances ever on this show. You do. The helicopter in the beginning of the season, you’re cutting thumbs off, you’re stabbing people in the eye, and then Monday night dude, when that guy boom – and blows his head off and you’re standing there with the gun. It was cool, man.
Annie Wersching: I know, it took what, like 13 episodes to finally get a gun. I don’t know what that’s about.
KMOD: It did, what the hell.
Annie Wersching: It felt good.
KMOD: I know that you can’t tell us all the ins and outs of what’s going to happen on 24, but can you give us a little hint of what’s happening in Renee’s world? Like are you going to be back now with a gun?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, I mean next week’s episode is definitely some old school Jack and Renee both caught up in some fire fights. For the moment at least she’s done with the crying, for a little bit done with the crying.
KMOD: You had a lot of crying in this year.
Annie Wersching: Well yeah, I mean first I was crazy, and angry, and then I was sad about it.
KMOD: And you had a Russian raping you, and you know, just the normal every day things that make you cry.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, all in a day’s work. So it gets back to kind of old school season seven Jack and Renee which is kind of fun. Then in about three or four episodes some of the craziest stuff ever done on 24 is coming up.
KMOD: Really, cool, I love that. Now I’m worried because, and this is what everybody talks about here in the hallways, when Jack says that he likes a chick and he says oh I’m going to be with you, and that means the chick is going to get murdered or something. I know you can’t tell us if you’re going to get decapitated or anything, but are you going to die?
Annie Wersching: I know, there’s not a very good track record with the lady in Jacks’ life. But, there’s never really been one that’s as like badass as you said. So maybe that’s a little bit of an advantage.
KMOD: Now the behind the scene stuff is what I love. Like, when we talk about what you’ve been doing like during the day and stuff, when you’re an actress in Hollywood and you’re not shooting 24, like right now you’re done, right?
Annie Wersching: Pretty much done, almost done, yeah.
KMOD: Okay so you’re almost done with 24 – what do you do with all this time off? Do you audition for other things, do you do mostly press for 24? I mean, it’s not like you just go to work nine to five every day all year. Like, you’re done shooting right now, so what do you do?
Annie Wersching: Well we’re still wrapping up a little bit of shooting and then you also have things like this, and there’s tons of FOX – I’ve been travelling around doing all sorts of FOX affiliate shows. Other than that, I kind of just hang out.
KMOD: Sweet, I love it. And there’s something else, sort of personal, I’m going to play a couple songs and then I want to come back and I want you to come back and tell everybody what the big announcement was in People Magazine, okay?
Annie Wersching: Yes, okay.
KMOD: Okay hang on. Okay we’re back with Annie Wersching, plays Renee Walker on that little show called 24. Annie, you made a big announcement in People Magazine, tell everybody the big news.
Annie Wersching: Well the big news, at least according to People so I’ve heard, is we’re having a baby.
KMOD: Yeah you are, awesome, I’m so happy. My best buddy Steve, he married you luckily and you guys are fertile, congratulations. I’m really happy for you, that’s awesome.
Annie Wersching: Thank you.
KMOD: And on FaceBook, somebody created a whole thing trying to get you on Ellen, right? Talk about that.
Annie Wersching: Yes, yes, there’s a whole Annie on Ellen campaign happening. It’s like four or five young girls that are kind of friends now through just being like crazy Renee Walker fans.
KMOD: Awesome.
Annie Wersching: And they’re from all over the country, and one girl has made posters and she stands outside of Warner Brothers every day.
KMOD: No way.
Annie Wersching: Some girl – actually the same girl made a sweatshirt, and the same girl is like talking to the Orange County Register today and they’re going to do an article on it.
KMOD: Because Ellen gives away baby clothes and all that stuff, right?
Annie Wersching: Yeah, that’s what they want. They want me to get baby clothes and they want me to Irish dance.
KMOD: Oh totally, perfect. And your husband Steve, my buddy, is on a show on Disney, I’m In The Band. That’s got to be really weird when you’re on 24, he’s on Disney, your schedules have got to be all whacked out of place. Is it cool being married to an actor?
Annie Wersching: It is pretty cool. I mean I used to try to say oh no I don’t ever really want to do that, but I couldn’t really get away from them. Ours is like so funny because I’ll spend a day, I’ll come home from work and be like what did you do today? Well, I stabbed this guy’s eye, I cried a lot, got a lot of blood on me, and he’s like I spent the entire day in a pickle outfit. So it’s fun because we can swap very different stories at the end of the day.
KMOD: Well we’re psyched about this season of 24 because on Monday it took a big turn for the badass 24-like crowd. It was just Chloe pulling a gun, and that Katee Sackoff chick who I want to get shot in the face, oh and will you shoot her in the face? And Bubba Gump, I don’t like him running CTU. I’m just, I’m sorry.
Annie Wersching: Yes, he’s got some issues this year. He doesn’t ever know where any of his employees are.
KMOD: Who hired him? He’s terrible at his job. He let a bomb go off, he’s just a nut.
Annie Wersching: Yeah, he should maybe re-think things.
KMOD: Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing you more on 24, and hopefully the film, and then the little Annie or Steve. Annie Wersching, Renee Walker, 24 on FOX Monday nights at eight O’clock. You rock Wersch!
Annie Wersching: Thanks, you rock.
KMOD: Thanks.
Annie Wersching: Good times.
KMOD: So good. Lynn, I think she’s going to win an Emmy this year for her performance.
KMOD (Lynn Hernandez): I hope so, that would be great and then she could thank you on stage.
KMOD: Oh my God, wouldn’t that be cool?
KMOD (Lynn Hernandez): : Get an official Mayor Bristow “Thank you”.
KMOD: And KMOD, that’d be cool.


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