Annie Wersching on Attack of the Show

March 10th, 2010

“Jack Bauer may seem invincible on 24, but not when it comes to FBI Agent Renee Walker. Actress Annie Wersching sits down with Kevin Pereira to talk about her role opposite of Kiefer Sutherland, 24‘s latest season and what’s in store for the show’s future.”


Kevin Pereira: Jack Bauer’s been burned, shot, electrocuted, a whole lot of stuff. But my next guest might have broken his heart… She also stabbed him. Annie Wersching’s here everybody! How are you Annie?
Annie Wersching: I’m great, how are you?
Kevin Pereira: I’m confused. I’m gonna be honest with ya, I’m a little confused. I know the polite thing is to say “Ahh I’m fine” and then just keep moving on, but no, I’m confused and I’ll tell ya why.
Annie Wersching: Kay.
Kevin Pereira: Minutes before the interview, I get an email saying that Kiefer Sutherland has added me on LinkedIn and he’s looking for recommendations. And I’m wondering, why would he do that? Why would that go on? And then I see some news about a possible 24 shakeup. Can you shed some light on this situation?
Annie Wersching: Key word “possible”, nothing is officially official yet.
Kevin Pereira: There’s rumblings going on that this might be the last season of 24 though.
Annie Wersching: There are some rumblings which is very sad, but nothing… FOX isn’t confirming anything yet, Variety and people that are much fancier than me are saying what they think but…
Kevin Pereira: XXJoeBob2417 confirmed it on Twitter.
Annie Wersching: Right, so there ya go!
Kevin Pereira: He told me to ask you about it, so I think there’s a source there.
Annie Wersching: He would know *laughs*
Kevin Pereira: Did you learn about this possibility from Twitter as well, or? Did you get a phone call or anything?
Annie Wersching: I think everyone’s known it’s been in the question for a while. But I retweeted Variety’s tweet with a frown face.
Kevin Pereira: Awww…
Annie Wersching: Yeah..
Kevin Pereira: One emoticon says it all. Did you do the angry furrow, the greater than sign as well?
Annie Wersching: No, just the old-school –
Kevin Pereira: Classic standby frowny face. That’s good. What else are you tweeting these days?
Annie Wersching: Umm.. I think I just tweeted something about being on this show.
Kevin Pereira: What’d you tweet? Was it just, “Oh another breathtaking interview with Kevin”? I bet it was something like that.
Annie Wersching: Yes, verbatim. It was exactly like that. Yeah. *laughs*
Kevin Pereira: No, I actually know what you tweeted. You tweeted a picture of a little onesie that we gave you. So congrats on that, that’s a big development since the last time you were here.
Annie Wersching: Thank you.
Kevin Pereira: Are you gonna be one of those woman who when we say “Is it a boy or a girl?” [answers with] “We’re not telling”. “What’s the name gonna be?”, “Oh we know but we’re not telling”, are you gonna go that route?
Annie Wersching: I think so, yeah. *Smiles*
Kevin Pereira: Yeah, you should. You should. Just agonize and frustrate anybody who asks any question about it. No seriously, congrats on that one.
Annie Wersching: Thank you.
Kevin Pereira: Will that get in the way at all of the potential 24 movie? Cause I know that’s been floating around.
Annie Wersching: Umm… I don’t think so, I think everything should time out perfectly if I am wanted in a movie someday.
Kevin Pereira: Would they perhaps weave it in, could it be Jack Bauer’s?
Annie Wersching: Oooh, well I certainly hope it’s not Vladimir’s *laughs*.. Which was another indiscretion from Renee’s
Kevin Pereira: Your character’s had a rough season *laughs*
Annie Wersching: A little bit, a little bit.
Kevin Pereira: What is going on? Did they tell you what you were signing up for this season?
Annie Wersching: I just knew I was gonna be a little darker, have some eyeliner.
Kevin Pereira: That’s about it? They could’ve given you a bigger heads up than “There’s gonna be a trip to Hot Topic”. You might be tortured pretty badly for hours on end.
Annie Wersching: *Laughs* Right.
Kevin Pereira: St. Patrick’s Day is coming up of course, which is now… The Irish have their explanation and excuse rolled into one holiday. *Annie laughs* How are you gonna celebrate, what are you gonna do?
Annie Wersching: Well I was an Irish dancer growing up so I always go home to St. Louis which is where I’m from and dance with all the girls that I used to dance with. I don’t know if I’ll be doing as much dancing this year.
Kevin Pereira: Yeah, you’re gonna tone it down a little bit?
Annie Wersching: Or drinking for that matter. But I’m still gonna go and show my support.
Kevin Pereira: You’re drinking for two now.
Annie Wersching: True! Two green beers. *laughs*
Kevin Pereira: You gotta power through. So you gonna go home for the holidays?
Annie Wersching: Yes.
Kevin Pereira: Well good. It’s the middle of the night right now on 24, Renee is napping after killing a Russian mobster.
Annie Wersching: Finally.
Kevin Pereira: Yeah, which is good. Are we gonna see you back in action soon this season?
Annie Wersching: Yes, I have one more hour of a nap, which is very needed. Maybe having a snack, going to the restroom as well. And I actually get to have a gun, I’m actually back with a gun *crowd cheers*. I just realized, Renee actually hasn’t shot a gun yet this year, which doesn’t seem quite right… But it gets back to sorta old school Jack and Renee Season 7 a little bit.
Kevin Pereira: Awesome. Well I’m glad to hear it. I certainly hope these rumors don’t pan out to be anything more than the Twitter-sphere acting up because we love everything you do and appreciate having you here. Thanks you so much Annie. Catch 24 Monday nights on FOX.